King's Tree Farm

United States

King's Tree Farm is a 320 acre family-run business with 50 years of growing experience. Located in Hampstead, Maryland, we are a wholesale supplier, specializing in hardy, disease resistant trees. All of our stock is B&B, with deciduous trees ranging from 2" to 5"+, and evergreens ranging from 6' to 20'. We feel that a lot of our success comes from pruning, soil and field preparation, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Nutrient Management. We incorporate large quantities of organic matter into the soil before each crop is planted. Our soil consists of clay-loam and organic matter that helps produce stable root systems, which are more adaptable during transplanting. To ensure our trees are healthy and disease free, we participate in an IPM program that evaluates our fields on a weekly basis. We look forward to serving you and appreciate your business.     

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