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    #1 best-selling Poison Ivy/Oak Relief Soap in the USA!

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  • Marie Originals Poison Ivy/Oak Soap
    A potent anti-inflammatory blend, this herbal soap instantly soothes irritation and itching while removing urushiol oil to halt the spread of poison ivy, oak, and sumac....

  • The most sought-after product of its kind in the USA, our all-natural poison ivy relief soap was formulated over 25 years ago to provide instant relief from skin irritation caused by poison ivy, oak, and sumac. Comprised of earth derived ingredients, this remedy is thoughtfully handcrafted and responsibly sourced. Containing a synergistic blend of potent herbs with an essential oil infused vegetable glycerin base, the soap features noni and white willow for their anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties. The soap also contains grindelia and sassafras, two powerful antihistamine herbs to effectively halt the itch. This bioactive treatment also uses bentonite clay to remove urushiol oil, along with organic oat bran to calm and restore the skin to its state of natural balance.

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