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Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs specializes in flowerbulbs for fall planting making great spring dispays. We are known for our tested and trialed tulip and daffodil blends. The wide color palette of our Colorblends selections insures that you can find the right look for your spring designs. Colorblends also offers Hyacinth, Allium, Crocus, Specialty and Amaryllis bulbs.

We are geared to serving the landscape professional for jobs large and small. We can ship by pallet, organized by your job and location names, to arrive at the correct time for your planting schedule.

We are a third-generation bulb wholesaler.  Our representatives are experienced in helping with your selection and delivery particulars.

Working the booth today :

Christian Curless - CSR (203) 297-6171

Avery Beadle - CSR (203) 433-7348

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