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Devron is proud to present our Green Living Fences, Live Pictures and Hanging Basket Live Panel Systems. 

All of our systems revolve around the keep it simple mantra and require very little maintenance or installation work. Our Green Living fences are a modular, fully grown panel of ivy that can be used as an alternative to wooden fencing, or a quick way to add privacy to the backyard.

Our London Planter Hanging Basket offer a great option vs. the traditional baskets. This product is popular as a community improvement measure and includes a self watering unit that can hold water for up to 2 weeks. This offers great cost savings on water, labour and transport.

Our LivePicture and Panel products are self watering, wall hung plant system that allows anyone to install it and instantly have greenery in the space, no green thumb required. Our LivePicture products come in a variety of sizes and colours, making sure to fit the footprint of your home or office perfectly.

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Brands: • Green Living Fences • LivePicture (Living Wall System) • LivePanel (Living Wall System) • Hanging Baskets


  • Green Living Fences
    Pre-grown screens of Ivy (Hedera helix)
    4ft, 6ft and 7ft screens available
    Mobile units - Can be grown on in fiber container or planted directly in ground...

  • Lightweight ivy panels are the perfect solution for adding greenspace to your backyards, decks and patios! 
    Commercial properties can beautify their buildings by hiding graffiti and preventing its re-occurrence. Condo and Townhomes can add both privacy and greenery to patios and terraces with minimal upkeep.
    The screens come pre-grown in 4ft wide sections, and are sold at 4ft,6ft and 7ft heights
  • Live Panel
    The patented LivePanel Indoor system is a unique and innovative living wall system in the world of vertical greenery.


  • The LivePanel Indoor system transforms bare walls into warm vibrant displays, instantly. LivePanel is a modular green wall system with interchangeable plant cassettes. The cassettes have slots into which plants are placed. Each row of plant cassettes is placed in a gutter profile that also serves as a water reservoir. The plants absorb water from the reservoir by means of capillary action. The system can be installed against both new and existing walls.
  • Live Picture
    In LivePicture, innovation, design and greenery come together in a special way. LivePicture is a system with plant cassettes that are easily interchangeable. It includes an integrated watering system with a reservoir....

  • LivePicture is a stylish and space-saving solution to add plants to any space. Rooms with limited options and space for planters and greenery can benefit from this wall-mounted living artwork. LivePicture requires minimal maintenance. LivePicture is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is widely used in offices, schools, hotels, kitchens (handy for herbs), waiting areas, receptions and showrooms.

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