Tree Equipment Design, Inc.

United States

Tree Equipment Design is a Manufacturer of Tree Digging, Moving, Planting and Harvesting equipment. Red Boss Tree Spades from 16-inch to 105-inch. Tree Boss one-man loading unloading attachments: 42-inch, 48-inch, 54-inch. Standing Tree Tiers. Manual Tree Tiers for Large Evergreens. One-Seat Tree Planter. Two-Seat Tree Planters. Shade Tree Planters. Potting Planters. Stump Diggers. Stump Grinders. We custom build and install Stabilizers, Counterweights for your loader. Proudly Made in USA. Utilizing industry leading design programs and equipped with presses, grinders, CNC, welders and dedicated menpower, our shop is capable of designing, fabricating and assembling all attachments on-site. You can reach us via or

Brands: Red Boss Tree Spades. Tree Boss. Tree Tiers. Tree Planters. Stump Diggers. Stump Grinders. Custom built Stabilizers.

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