Nature's Elite Tree Farm Inc.

United States

Nature’s Elite Tree Farm Inc. is a wholesale B&B tree grower located
in Plainville, GA. We began planting trees in 1999. We presently have
over 120,000 trees of various types, calipers and heights, planted on
over 200 acres of North Georgia soil.

We carefully prune and stake each tree to produce the best
quality control to nurture our tree stock. Our farms are monitored on a
daily basis to ensure that any problems can be quickly identified and

At Nature’s Elite Tree Farm, our goal is to provide you with
the highest quality trees at competitive prices while providing excellent
customer service to meet your needs now and in the future.
We encourage you to visit us for a tour of our farm. Please call
the office to make an appointment.

Nature’s Elite Tree Farm, Inc.
281 Plainville Rd SW
Plainville. GA 30733
Office: (706) 266-4886

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