Old Courthouse Nursery

United States

Wholesale grower of evergreen trees. Some of our most popular are Thujas, Junipers, Magnolias, Upright Hollies

We grow in MicroKote treated containers from 1 gallon up to 25 gallons.

Some of our most popular items are:

Thuja Green Giant, Emerald, Virginian™

Juniperus Virginiana, Hollywood, Taylor, Trautman, Hillspire, Spartan, Blue Point, Brodie, Keeteleeri, Skyrocket, Idyllwild

Magnolia Little Gem, Alta, Teddy Bear®, Bracken's Brown, D. D. Blanchard, Claudia Wannamaker, Moonglow®, Green Shadow, Northern Belle, x. Stellar Ruby

Hollies include Nellie R. Stevens, several varieties of American Hollies, Sky Pencil, Steeds, Mary Nell, Acadiana™, Robin™, Oakland™, Christmas Jewel®

Osmanthus Gulftide, Fortunei, fragrans, Fruitlandii, San Jose

Viburnum Chindo, Prague

Vitex 'Shoal Creek'

Please visit our website to see our full list of inventory at www.oldcourthousenurserync.com

Please contact one of our booth staff with any questions you may have or would like to place an order.

Jeff Allegood cell # 910-260-0124

Bryan Naylor cell # 910-260-0399

Thank you for participating in MANTS 2022!