Pride Garden Products

United States

Since 1999, Pride has offered the best products in the container gardening and wholesale gardening supply market. Our innovative designs, combined with our patented AquaSav™ coco liners, make us a leader in the industry. Whether you are a commercial grower or a neighborhood garden center, we have the right products for your customers. We continue to make a large commitment to product development to offer you the widest choices in the container market in the most contemporary styles. We have the ability to offer you custom product, securing for you an exceptional position in the marketplace.

The AquaSav™ Smart Coco Liner is designed to help you grow better, because it's engineered to be smarter than ordinary liners. Our unqiue liner starts with a layer of recycled plastic sandwiched between two layers of coco fiber - which is biodegradable, pest and fungi resistant, as well as backyard compostable. The plastic goes about one-third of the way up the liner creating a water tray built right into the liner. Excess water flows over the edge of the water tray, allowing just the right amount of water to remain in the liner and giving the soul and roots time to absorb all the moisture.

Brands: AquaSav

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