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Sod Solutions has been researching, developing and releasing to the market new turfgrass varieties for the past 27 years. Our new professionally focused arm of the company, Sod Solutions Pro takes that industry knowledge and puts it to use, facilitating large-scale turfgrass projects from beginning to end. Our team of turfgrass and technology experts deliver innovative solutions through improved turfgrass brands, farm management software, and cutting-edge fertilizer technology. 

Innovation Zoysia is the newest cold-tolerant zoysia cultivar on the market, offering many advantages over Meyer including faster grow-in, a finer leaf blade, early spring green-up and fall color retention, and excellent cold tolerance.

Latitude 36® and NorthBridge® are two grasses built for the transition zone and beyond with excellent cold tolerance, spring dead spot resistance, turf quality, and turf density.

Lawnifi is a fertilizer brand that makes caring for lawns simple and easy with 32oz hose end spray bottles that cover 5,000 sqft. Our seasonal boxes are available that provide 3 months of feeding in a convenient box of 3 for Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Brands: Innovation™ Zoysiagrass, Latitude 36® Bermudagrass, NorthBridge® Bermudagrass, Turf Logistics™ Farm Management Software, AmpAgronomy™, Lawnifi™

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