Constraint Technologies

Melbourne,  Victoria 
  • Booth: 1316 P

Constraint Technologies Aviation & Rail Solutions

Constraint Technologies International Pty Ltd (CTI), is a software solutions provider to the Aviation and Rail marketplace.  Our customers include world leading airlines in Australia, SEAsia, Europe and Africa, some of the busiest airports in the world and major rail network providers.  CTI provides mission critical 24x7 solutions plus optimisation platforms that enable customers to both generate future resource plans and generate recovery solutions that react to disruption events in real time. 

Our Situational Awareness solutions utilise our High Availability Layer & Rule Engine to provide industry leading visualisations, analysis and predictions of current and future problems.  Once identified, problems can be passed to our disruption solvers to provide solutions that return the operation to schedule as cheaply and efficiently as possible. These solutions have been proven to improve overall recovery performance during disruptions and are scheduled to be rolled out to customers both directly and through our global partners.


Brands: Network Aware. Terminal Aware, Hub Aware, Crew Buddy, Disruption Recovery, TPAC Rostering, TPAC Pairing, TPAC Rules, Terminal Management TMS, TPAC Rail