• Booth: 901 P

FORUM8 are proud to be exclusive sponsor of the Lanyards.

FORUM8 will be showcasing a number of new systems in 4 different categories titled "The World's First Driving Simulator establishment -ITS, ADAS and Auto Driving Simulation via VR System". These include MDS Driving Simulator complete with Forum8's real-time interactive 3D VR simulation & modeling software VR-Design Studio; HMD & VR, VR linked head mounted system which has an Ultra-Wide Field of View which enable 'head tracking' via a built-in sensor; Vatroni & VR, 3D VR application of Vatroni - The Ultra-Speed Encoder/Decoder; VR-Cloud® which allows a driving simulation in a 3D VR environment on the cloud, plus a high speed graphics server UMDC with plug-in that allows you to use point cloud data in VR-Design Studio (UC-win/Road); and HILS&VR, A new model driving simulator linked with HILS and VR, takes the driving operation and environmental conditions from VR-Design Studio (UC-win/Road) and analyses the dynamic behaviour. Plus, look out for a demonstration of auto-driving with SensoDrive and Lily Car, autonomous car system via a scale model robotic car linked with VR. Lanyards with FORUM8's logo, (Gold Sponsor of ITS World Congress) will be supplied for visitors.

Brands: Compact Driving Simulator complete with real-time interactive 3D VR simulation & modeling software VR-Design Studio; 3D/VR Simulation with Oculus Rift; SENSO-Wheel Driving Simulator; plus much more.