GIDEON (Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network)

Los Angeles,  CA 
United States

Advancing the global effort against Infectious Disease.

GIDEON is the world’s most comprehensive infectious diseases database. The company exists to advance the global effort against infectious diseases. Top global institutions use GIDEON, including WHO, ECDC, NATO, Public Health England, Harvard, Stanford, and many more. To date, 200+ publications have used GIDEON data for their research. 


GIDEON’s team of highly esteemed medical scientists tracks outbreaks in 235+ countries and updates the database daily. The platform offers clinicians and microbiologists a range of unique diagnostic tools for infectious diseases and microbiology. Educators can use GIDEON’s state-of-the-art education tools to train the healthcare professionals of tomorrow. 


GIDEON offers data on 26,000+ outbreaks, 2000+ pathogens, over 87,000 prevalence and seroprevalence surveys, 38,000+ graphs, 3000+ images, and 23,000+ country notes for diseases. 260,000+ electronic references save researchers years of manual work. The data can be retrieved programmatically via the API.

In addition, GIDEON has just published the 2022 edition of 425 ebooks on infectious diseases, including the most comprehensive ebook on COVID-19.