Anne Prinz

Exclamation Point Living


For the last 25 years, Anne Prinz has been serving the chiropractic profession. Her life was saved through chiropractic and has been a strong advocate and proponent in helping Chiropractors and their staff learn powerful tools to transform their practices and empower their results.
She spent over 20 years as an office manager for a successful chiropractic clinic, honing her skills so she could teach others how to do the same. She currently serves the profession as a consultant for Chiropractors and their staff, speaks at national and statewide chiropractic seminars offering training for Chiropractors and Chiropractic Assistants, and writes articles for Chiropractic publications.

Anne is the author of the book, Living Your Exclamation Point Life!, and the owner of Exclamation Point Living, LLC. Besides her work within Chiropractic, she is a keynote speaker and a life and business success coach. To learn more or to contact Anne visit her website:


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