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Why Monimoto?

Please watch our video. It will take you 5 minutes only.

Ready to use straight out of the box!

13.000+ satisfied Monimoto owners use it to protect their motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes, RVs and other property. Many successful bike recovery cases. 

Unbox the device, download the app and set up the tracker. The app will take you through the 5 minute set up process. Once done, hide the device inside your motorcycle (under plastic fairings, under the seat, ..). 

How does Monimoto work?

When Monimoto detects movement it will search for a keyfob. If the keyfob is not around (thus the owner is not near the vehicle), the device will initiate the alarm procedure - call its owner's phone and start sending GPS location data to the mobile app. 


Brands: Monimoto is a company dedicated to one brand and one product: a wireless GPS tracker for motorcycles, ATV and UTVs. We believe that protecting the bike must be simple and affordable for any rider.

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