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Check out our high quality aftermarket electrical parts!

Ricks's Motorsport Electrics offers a full parts line of motorsport charging and starting systems & electrical ignition components for Asian and European street bikesATV/Off Roadsnow mobiles, and watercraft.

What began as a small motorcycle salvage business in the late 1970s has grown to a well recognized, highly reputed brand name in the Motorsport world.

We provide a high quality, cost effective alternative to an OE piece. Rick's provides direct plug-in, bolt on pieces whenever possible. Rick's Motorsports also knows the value of the occasional universal part to fit an obscure motor vehicle machine.

Rick's Motorsport Electrics also offers a one year part replacement warranty on all motorsport parts, excluding CDI boxes.

We strive to stay on top of industry trends and are constantly adding new products to our line. Much of our success comes from our knowledge & expertise in the motorsport industry - we develop parts that are in high demand by motorsport enthusiasts.

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 Press Releases

  • Double the Power-Double the reliability

    Today’s side by sides demand more power and more reliability. Ricks Motorsport Electrics has both covered with our new Double Shot kit.

    Through our new Double Shot stator design and high output flywheel, we are able to produce an unprecedented amount of just over 1000 watts of electrical power. More than enough to power your RZR and all of its accessories. Also, more than any other conventional powersports stator on the market, whether OEM or aftermarket!

    With double the power you also get double the reliability. Our Double Shot charging kit also includes two 50 amp series regulator/rectifiers. These regulators will have nine foot leads on them. This way the customer can relocate them to anywhere he desires. Away from the mud and debris and out into the wind where they will stay cool.

    Another design feature that is unique to the Ricks Double Shot charging kit is that we have done away with the extra connector that some of the RZR models and other aftermarket kits have on there regulators. Our regulators have the extension leads built directly into them as opposed to having a second connector that plugs into them. As anyone with an RZR knows, the connectors are a source of heat and a true hot spot in the charging system that is prone to melting. Eliminating this connector greatly reduces the chances of failure do to melting.

    The Ricks Double Shot kit, part# 99-500H includes:

    • 1000 watt stator
    • Two 50 Amp Regulators with 9’ leads
    • Ricks High Output Flywheel
    • Zip ties for ease of installation
    • MSRP: $699.95
  • No more waiting for your old, discontinued OEM single phase stator to be rebuilt. Rick’s Motorsport Electrics now makes a brand-new replacement three phase charging system that increases power output by 50%! The Hot Shot kit will come with a new 3 phase stator and a new rectifier/regulator for either lead acid or lithium batterie.  Customers need to decide what type of battery they’re using before ordering the kit. Complete installation instructions will be included with the kit. Simply remove your old stator and rec/reg and mount up the new ones. You can even use your original flywheel!

    “With the amount of modern electronics and accessories the vintage riders and custom builders are installing on these old bikes, we saw a need to provide more charging power,” says company president Rick Shaw.

    Rick’s Motorsport Electrics continues to add to their vintage product line as these bikes are rising in popularity again.  They also offer a custom rebuilding service for project bikes and hard to find charging components.  For more information, text them at 603-329-9901 or email: info@rickselectrics.com

    Part Information:

    Fitment: KZ400/440/750 Twin                                                                         Fitment: 78-80 KZ650B/C/D

    Replaces OEM#: 21003-1009, 21003-1006                                                     Replaces OEM#: 21003-1005  

    Part#:  99-200H (for lead acid batteries)                                                      Part# 99-201H (for lead acid batteries)

    Cost: $249.95                                                                                                   Cost: $249.95

    Part# 14-99-200H (for lithium batteries)                                                     Part# 14-99-201H (for lithium batteries)

    Cost: $259.95                                                                                                   Cost: $259.95


  • Part# 99-500H - Double Shot Polaris Charging Kit
    Rick's Double Shot charging kit includes: 1 new high output stator, 2 new rectifier regulators, & 1 new high output flywheel. Rick's Double Shot kit is designed to upgrade the OE charging system....

  • Rick's all new Double Shot upgraded charging kit for Polaris RZR, Ranger, & General. Rick's kit will include: 1 new high output stator, 2 new rectifier regulators with extended leads to relocate & 1 new high output flywheel. Rick's Double Shot kit is the strongest aftermarket system on the market AND beats out the OEM system from Polaris! Total output for this charging kit is just over 1000 watts (tested on our dyno!). *Flywheel Puller Sold Separately, Rick's part #50-501*

    Additional info - check out our video

    To purcahse this product - click here!

  • Part# 14-99-200H Hot Shot Series Kawi Charging Kit
    3 Phase Conversion High Output Charging Kit...

  • New Hot Shot Kawasaki Charging Kit - this charging kit converts the system from a single phase to a 3 phase system: output power is increased by 50%. The kit comes with both a new stator & a lith-ion friendly rectifier regulator and customers will reuse their OE flywheel. Installation instructions included. This kit will replace OE stator part# 21003-1009 and 21003-1006. *This kit is made for lithium batteries only, NOT for use with standard lead acid batteries*
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