Lawson All Wheel Drive

Somerset,  WI 
United States
  • Booth: 4031

Lawson All Wheel Drive motorcycle

the Lawson All Wheel drive motorcycle provides the Average rider

with the

Freedom to go Farther
. Low impact off road travel .

as the article in  Dirt Bike June 2016 states

 “Two wheeled Jeep”

“Designed to explore the notion of true all-wheel Drive”

“but it’s nothing like those that have come before.”

“it’s all-wheel, all the time”

“Mistakes are easily forgiven, if you falter halfway up a hill, you don’t have to go and start over, you can stop and then start with a reasonable expectation of success.”

“On most regular soil there’s almost no wheelspin. The bike barely even leaves a track.  Which is excellent if you are riding in a place where you don’t want to leave any marks

“You don’t slide around a turn.  You don’t slide anywhere on the Lawson.”

“Hills that would be absolutely impossible for a bike of this level are easy as long as you put it in first gear and keep going.”

“The bike really shines for riders of moderate experience.”



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