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WD MOTORSPORTS is a motorcycle Gear Brand and Supplier that offers a diverse range of products, such as Leather Race Suits and Jackets with exceptional designs, high-performance Touring Jackets, Gloves, Boots, etc., in its e-commerce store. Our gear has not only been tested but is highly recommended by many industry professionals. Within a few years, we've established ourselves as a preferred choice among riders.
WD Gear designs are race-inspired with expedition-derived features, created by hyper-vigilant professionals whose loyalties and hearts beat for this sport. We aim to manufacture our products worldwide to revolutionize the motorcycle industry and provide riders with the best of what they need

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Torque GT
Titanium RR Leather Suit
CARBON GP Two Piece Leather Racing Suit
EVA XR Two Piece Leather Racing Suit
Rocco RS

 Show Specials

  • At WD Motorsports, we understand the insatiable passion of motorcycle riders and their discerning taste for both protection and style. However, WD Motorsports is always ahead of the curve and provide riders with exactly what they need. 

    Catering to the demands of modern riders, we have set out to break free from the bland colors and designs that are all too common in the industry. Our commitment to innovation has resulted in the creation of eye-catching yet functional touring jackets and pants that couldn’t be better as our show's special products. They include:

    • DEVIANT 2.0 Set

    • ALPHA Adventure + Set

    • SURGE Pro Jacket

    Our goal was to create something that was not only visually appealing but also functional for adventurous riders. These performance-driven products embody this vision with their unique designs and essential protective and comfort features. Perfect for style lovers looking to upgrade their current wardrobe with improved functionalities.

 Press Releases

  • WD Motorsports is pleased to announce that we are going to be a part of AIMExpo Las Vegas 2023 with all the innovative Gear and to help you get on board with us. We know there's something exciting happening in the world of motorcycling, and it's time for us to get involved. 

    It's our first time at this event, and we can't wait to bring our expertise, experience, and passion for adventure to the table and make sure you have everything you need to hit the road. We look forward to meeting with the dealers, partners, and distributors, attending informational workshops, sharing our expertise with the industry, and networking with other motorcycle enthusiasts. 

    At WD Motorsports, we believe in offering remarkable services to our customers and dealers alike. In addition to providing quality products at competitive prices, we are committed to providing exceptional customer care through our warranty program. We aim to ensure that all aspects of your purchasing experience exceed your expectations whenever possible.

    Get ready for a revolution; We want to help you make this era your own.

    See you there!

  • WD Motorsports is set to make an impactful appearance in the world of motorcycle gear at AIMExpo 2023! This year's event, set to take place in Las Vegas, will be the premier platform for us to introduce our exceptional line of motorcycle gear. 

    Our products are designed to cater to the needs of the modern rider, with a focus on performance, protection, and style. They are made from top-quality materials and feature the latest technologies. Riders can expect to see a wide range of gear on display at the AIMExpo 2023, including motorcycle suits, jackets, pants, gloves, and boots. Each gear has been expertly designed to provide maximum protection while allowing maximum mobility and comfort.

    We are excited to make our debut at AIMExpo and bring our wealth of experience and passion for adventure to the event. We can't wait to connect with dealers, partners, and distributors and share our knowledge with like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts. Our dedication to quality and excellence reflects in our comprehensive warranty program and competitive pricing. At WD Motorsports, customer and dealer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and we strive to exceed expectations with exceptional service.

    Don't miss out on the chance to see WD Motorsports' revolutionary motorcycle gear in person at the AIMExpo. This event is the perfect opportunity for riders to get a firsthand look at the gear and speak with the company's experts about how it can enhance their riding experience.

    See you there!


  • Titanium RR Leather Racing Suit
    The fight for the fastest beast can be won by one only, and Titanium RR is here to help you....

  • Let's step out from a world of repetitive designs and shapes and explore the unfamiliar because we know that you want to make a statement on the road. The Titanium RR 1-pc leather suit is built explicitly for riders looking for MotoGP-derived features. This suit is made from premium thick cowhide leather that is enough to offer maximum resistance and equipped with CE-approved protectors that significantly reduce impact and contribute to maximum safety and has tons of functionalities.

  • CARBON GP Two Piece Leather Racing Suit
    Get up, start your motorcycle, and ride faster, harder, and smarter with the Carbon GP suit....

  • It's time to plan your next adventure because Carbon GP has got you covered. As you anticipate from the name, this suit offers features that protect MotoGP riders. The Carbon GP leather suit is the best combination of protection and comfort, and its features make it versatile to perform well on the track and to experience every road adventure to the fullest. It offers an exceptional fit with a lot of other features to cater to your adventure needs.

  • TORQUE GT Two Piece Leather Man Racing Suit
    It's time to steal the show with Torque GT. #RIDETOLIVE...

  • The Torque GT is a 2-piece leather suit that showcases your riding experience with resistance, functionality, and comfort, whether for pleasure or performance. We know what you require, and Torque GT has got you covered. This masterpiece has been developed from premium cowhide leather that provides maximum resistance and is ready to face all the fast and furious challenges. It has tons of features to make you reach your full potential on the road.
  • EVA XR Two Piece Leather Racing Suit
    Unleash your speed and style with Eva XR....

  • As you decode from the name Eva XR is mainly designed for the female body. Developed from high-quality thick cowhide leather and equipped with CE-approved protectors for ultimate protection. Whereas the critical parts are covered with extra rubber padding. Eva XR offers an exceptional fit with stretch panels on various parts to increase mobility. A CVS ventilated aerodynamic hump and micro mesh panels allow airflow to keep you fresh.
  • WADE Leather Motorcycle Jacket
    On the road, you need this leather jacket that has all the bells and whistles a rider could want....

  • Get ready for an adventure with our Wade leather jacket, equipped with a ton of features to help you live out your wildest dreams, made from premium A+ grade cowhide leather with wax for maximum abrasion resistance. This jacket offers double-reinforced safe seams for extra strength and durability, CE-approved armor, and YKK zipper closure (short & long). With intricate craftsmanship and multiple features, this jacket makes a perfect companion for your rides.
  • AUTONOMY American Flag Leather Jacket
    Express what you feel through our Autonomy leather jacket....

  • The patriotism in you can never be measured, but your love for your country can be expressed in various ways. That's why WD has made you the Autonomy leather jacket with an American flag on it. This jacket is built to provide ideal protection during long days of riding while ensuring ultimate comfort. Premium cowhide leather is developed and engineered to ensure a high-performance level of abrasion resistance.
  • ASTON Leather Motorcycle Jacket
    A leather jacket that is engineered to give motorcyclists the perfect combination of comfort and protection....

  • If you are looking for a jacket that will stand up to the elements and keep you safe, look no further. Our in-house team of riders has tested the Aston, and we know it is ready to take on whatever mother nature throws at it. Constructed from premium cowhide leather, and is equipped with all necessary safety elements for protection and comfort.
  • DIVA Lady Leather Motorcycle Jacket

  • You don't need to be a motorcyclist to appreciate this jacket. Meet our Diva Lady, developed to care for all your road needs. It is made from premium cowhide leather with wax, while CE-approved offers maximum protection, comfort, and style. It also features a removable flannel lining, making it suitable for the mid-season. The double-reinforced safe seams ensure the jacket lasts through all the adventures.
  • NOVA Lady Leather Motorcycle Jacket
    The Nova is here to put you on the edge of your riding experience!...

  • A leather jacket is a staple part of riding. Our newest Nova lady is explicitly designed for the female body. Constructed from premium cowhide leather, equipped with all necessary safety elements for protection and comfort. We incorporated the jacket with a 3D mesh panel for improved airflow and a removable thermal liner that make it versatile. It also includes two external pockets and a reflector panel at the back, making it promising for night rides.
  • SURGE Men's Textile Jacket
    Perfect for riders who want to look stylish while they're out on the road or trail!...

  • Your everyday riding gear is about to get a lot more exciting with our Surge. This jacket is the ultimate styling tool for your motorcycle, with protection, comfort, and convenience to cater to every adventure you find yourself in. The Surge is made of a high-quality Korean Cordura polyester that offers excellent abrasion resistance without being too heavy. The CE-approved features impact protection, while the reinforced safe seams ensure long-lasting durability.
  • Deviant Textile Jacket and Pants
    Ride like a champion with our Deviant motorcycle textile jacket and pants.

  • Welcome to the world of Deviant, a textile jacket and pants that are designed to keep you safe and comfortable while looking good. They are made of Cordura polyester material and feature CE-approved protectors with reinforced safe seams to provide ultimate protection. Along with other functionalities, they also feature polyester micro-mesh lining and 3D ventilated panels for optimal airflow that helps regulate your body temperature, so you don't get too warm or cold.
  • Fury Men's Textile Jacket
    Don't let the elements stop you from enjoying your ride....

  • Comfort and protection are what you need when you're out on the road. You don't want to be slowed down by weather conditions or terrain, so make sure your jacket is up to the task. The fury jacket is made with Cordura polyester and CE-approved protection, which means it is super durable and will ensure that your ride is safe no matter what the conditions are like outside. Fury has many other features as well to offer protection and safety.

  • VEGAS 1.0 Men's Textile Jacket
    The #1 motorcycle jacket for adventures, the #1 motorcycle jacket for protection and comfort.

  • The Vegas 1.0 wears the class of a professional and is a great choice for frequent road trips. The main ingredient of this jacket is high-quality Cordura polyester, which makes it durable enough to take on any adventure. The jacket is equipped with CE-approved armor and stretch panels for ultimate protection and mobility. It's also lightweight and breathable, so you will stay cool even when everything around you seems to be on fire.

  • VEGAS 2.0 Men's Textile Jacket
    Add an extra layer of protection and style to your riding experience.

  • The best thing about Vegas 2.0 is It has got everything one could ask for in a piece of outerwear: protection from the elements, comfort, and style. This is our take on the chic motorcycle jacket made for modern riders. It is constructed with Cordura polyester, so it's durable enough to take on any adventure. Reinforced safe seams ensure that they can withstand the rigors of daily wear and tear, along with many other features.

  • Miami Mesh + Summer Jacket
    Get up and let the Miami Mesh+ take you where you want to go.

  • The best way to explore the outdoors is on two wheels, but it's incomplete without a sassy jacket. To offer you all in one package, we created Miami Mesh+ for you that possesses almost all safety and comfort features, yet it is stylish enough to catch the eye. This jacket is made of authentic Cordura polyester with strategically placed breathable micro-mesh panels and CE-approved protectors. Rich colors, windproof outer panels, and adjustability for the rider's convenience are the standout features of WD Miami Mesh+.

  • LADY VEGAS Textile Jacket
    Gear up for your next adventure with our Lady Vegas Jacket....

  • We created Lady Vegas to let you hit the road with unmatched grace. Along with the high-end impactful appearance, It features CE-approved protectors for maximum protection and Cordura polyester, the ultimate source of comfort. It also offers stretch panels on the elbow and back for mobility. The Reissa waterproof & breathable lining ensures that you stay dry even when it's raining outside. And the ventilated zipper on the front and back help keep your body temperature regulated.

  • JUDY Women's Textile Jacket
    Don't let the elements stop you from enjoying your ride....

  • Whether on a highway or cruising down the main street, you must be prepared. That's why we created Judy for you, made from Cordura polyester and equipped with almost all protective components to keep you safe. It has a polyester micro-mesh lining and ventilated panels on various parts for optimal airflow. It also features a connecting zipper and side zip for a snug fit. The Night Vision System (reflective panel) helps other riders see better in low-light situations.

  • Titanium RR Racing Gloves
    The Titanium RR gloves are for risk takers.

  • The Titanium RR motorcycle glove offers protection and performance for riders. Made of premium cowhide leather with stretch panels for comfort, it has foam-padded cuffs, TES palm sliders, hard shell finger sliders, and CE armor for extra protection in case of slide or impact. The cuff strap with V-Fastener provides high grip and closure, while the index finger has a smart touch feature. The gloves are both functional and stylish.

  • CAMEX PRO Leather Racing Suit
    It's time to put yourself on the edge of the riding experience with our Camex PRO....

  • We bring you Camex PRO, an iconic piece of leather race suit for resilience, protection, and comfort with exceptional fit and classy style. A 2-piece leather suit created from premium cowhide leather that ticks all conditions regarding abrasion resistance, while protection is derived from CE-approved protectors. To provide necessary cooling in the heat of battle, it features a micro-mesh lining and a CVS ventilated aerodynamic hump for airflow and many other features.
  • ROCCO RS Leather 1-Pc Suit
    Unleash your speed and style with Rocco RS....

  • You never know what adventure you will find around any corner. To tackle every situation, we bring you Rocco RS, a 1-piece leather suit designed to excel on the track and road. The Rocco RS has been developed from high-quality thick cowhide leather combined with triple-reinforced seams. This suit also features CE-approved protectors and a double layer of leather on various parts that offer maximum resistance.
  • Filly EX Women Leather Suit
    Empower your ride with the confidence of our Filly EX motorcycle suit.

  • Here we bring the Filly EX 1-piece leather suit that offers refinement and is designed for the female body. Made from premium thick leather, and features maximum abrasion resistance with removable knee & elbow sliders. It features stretch panels for a tight fit to keep your body safe and comfortable on the track. A CVS ventilated aerodynamic hump and micro-mesh lining provide exceptional comfort and breathability.
  • VEGABOND Leather Motorcycle Jacket
    Get ready to rule the road in style with our Vegabond jacket.

  • We all know that a motorcycle is a big investment, but it doesn't have to be a big risk. Our Vegabond leather jacket is designed while keeping your safety in mind, whether you're looking for comfort, protection, style, or function. This jacket is made from high-quality cowhide leather with ultimate protective elements and offers a chic look. It also features double-reinforced safe seams, CE-approved armor, and ventilated zippers.
  • KNIGHT Leather Motorcycle Suit
    Embrace the ride and make every moment count with our Knight leather jacket.

  • If you've been waiting for a jacket that will keep you safe, comfortable, and stylish. Then this jacket is ready to make your dreams come true. WD Knight leather jacket is exceptionally dedicated to enthusiastic riders. It is made from premium-grade cowhide leather, with padding on the upper arm and double-reinforced safe seams to ensure the jacket will last through all the adventures of your life.
  • ZACK Motorcycle Leather Pants
    Get the most out of your riding adventure with our Zack pants....

  • Like our textile pants, our leather pants are built to handle whatever the road throws your way. Introducing Zack, an ultimate adventure pants with expedition-ready features. It is created from premium quality leather, incorporated with CE-approved protectors to provide maximum protection against abrasion resistance and impact absorption in case of any unfortunate mishap. The perforated leather and breathable micro-mesh lining make Zack ideal even when everything is so hot around you.
  • ALPHA Adventure Jacket
    Invoke an authentic motorcycle look with our Alpha motorcycle touring set!

  • From the world of adventure motorcycle gear, WD’s Alpha jacket and pants are the perfect combination of style and protection. Made from Cordura Polyester, they are designed to withstand the rigors of the road while providing ultimate comfort and performance. They are incorporated with CE-approved protectors to offer you maximum protection. They also feature a polyester micro-mesh lining and ventilated zippers which optimizes airflow, providing additional breathability and preventing overheating.