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Protect your powersports assets with MOGO GPS services.

Since 2005, MOGO, Inc. has been a leading provider in global theft recovery and location solutions. Our team has over 50 years of experience in vehicle technology.

With our versatile GPS tracking and recovery technology, we serve dealerships, businesses, and vehicle owners by protecting automobiles, boats, jet skis, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, RVs, and company vehicles.

We’ve partnered with some of the leading technology and service companies in the industry to create the best theft recovery service possible for each industry.

But GPS tracking isn’t simply theft recovery. Our services also allow owners to monitor vehicle activity while in use, setting speed and impact alerts, location boundaries, low battery alerts, and more, to make every adventure as safe as possible. These features make MOGO an attractive add-on for powersports sales and add profit potential for dealers.

Brands: MOGOTrack devices and LiveTRACK monitoring application work together in loss prevention, theft recovery, and safe operation of powerports vehicles.


  • MOGOTrack
    MOGOTrack signature GPS tracking devices are designed to protect your powersports vehicles under any conditions, without sacrificing performance or battery life....

  • Whether your powersports vehicles are made to ride on pavement, dirt, or water, protecting your asset is easy with our global theft recovery system. This solution is built tough to prevent larceny and recover lost assets through real-time GPS tracking.

    Designed for outdoor conditions, this MOGO model is an easily concealed, waterproof unit that provides 4G LTE Cat-1 network connectivity. The device comes with a 400 mAh battery backup that limits workloads on small vehicle batteries and enables operation when power is disconnected.

    Our MOGO device can be preinstalled into your vehicle inventory, giving your dealership access to MOGO’s theft protection. Create new revenue for your F&I department by selling LiveTRACK support to your customers and increasing your profits per vehicle.
  • LiveTRACK
    LiveTRACK provides access to MOGO’s data anywhere, anytime through our app or website and allows users to set up alerts to fit their unique needs....

  • For theft prevention and loss recovery, owners and dealers can trust MOGO’s 24/7/365 dedicated recovery support center to locate powersports vehicles in storage, on a dealer lot, or on the move. We promise to find your vehicle and alert police to its location within 24 hours or your money back.

    Access MOGO data through our app and website with LiveTRACK. Receive and manage vehicle reports and notifications, including geofence boundaries and speed alerts, via text or email. Stay vigilant with MOGO for Powersports’ motion sensor that sends tamper and motion alerts with any sudden change of speed and position.

    Track your vehicle’s movement over time with LiveTRACK’s vehicle reporting history, which automatically saves up to six months of MOGO vehicle reports. Easily transfer LiveTRACK to a different vehicle or upgrade to a new MOGO device without fuss.