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BiT Dealership Software is proud to introduce another tool into its 100% cloud based DMS: Fully Integrated Two-Way Text Messaging. No third party texting apps - we've developed in house by the people who have known your industry since 1985.

Parts Management:
Not only does our parts module contains the ability to manage your parts inventory, but it also includes a robust over the counter POS, and powerful stock management tools with ordering integrations from Kawasaki, Yamaha, WPS, and many many more!

Along with BiT's well known estimate and work order functionality, the service module also contains a service scheduler and the ability to track technician efficiency using brand new time clock apps for iOS and Android. With available Spader flat rate integration, you can add packages of parts to invoices in just a few keystrokes. 

Sales F&I:
BiT's sales module contains a fully developed CRM that gives you the ability to track your prospects, quotes, deals, and salespeople in real time. Sales unit inventory, forms, window stickers, and purchase agreements - all in one place.


  • Fully Integrated Two-Way Text Messaging
    Text messaging designed around you: Developed in-house, designed around your industry. No third-party apps....

  • BiT Software is proud to introduce: Fully Integrated Two-Way Text Messaging.

    Not Just Contact: the Medium
    The medium that we choose to communicate with our customer is crucial. Our research indicates that text messages have a 98% open rate versus a 45% open rate for emails. This means that a customer is twice as likely to open your text message than they are an email. A phone call is great for a personal touch, but why do you need to spend 20 minutes on the phone for a simple yes or no question? This, of course, is based on the assumpton that you can get the customer to answer your call anyway.

    Why Fully Integrated?
    Your texting platform should always be integrated with the same platform that handles your parts inventory management, service work orders, and sales F&I. The ability to search your customer records for a phone number (the same records that contain your customer's service history) all in one place is absolutely essential to saving you time, frustration, and money!

    BiT Software has had you in mind for over 30 years - And now we've used that experience to develop a fully integrated text messaging platform designed around your industry.