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Founded in 2015, Insta360 makes boldly innovative cameras that help people capture and share their lives. Insta360 is redefining what’s possible with action cameras with the pocket 360 action cam Insta360 X3, the interchangeable lens action cam Insta360 RS and the tiny 27-gram action cam Insta360 GO 2. Powered by AI technology, the brand’s mobile and desktop editing software make creating viral-worthy content effortless. For professionals, Insta360 also makes a range of ultra-high-resolution VR cameras, including Insta360 Pro 2 and Titan, a premium 6K 360 camera, Insta360 RS 1-Inch 360, and an AI-powered 4K webcam, Insta360 Link. To bring bold video ideas to life, Insta360 sponsors creators around the world through the Think Bold Fund.


  • Insta360 X3
    With 360° capture, action-ready hardware, and AI-powered software, Insta360 X3 is the world’s best-selling 360 action camera. X3 makes it easy—and most importantly, fun—to capture and share your life. Anyone can now create viral-worthy content with ease....

  • Best Motorcycle Camera: Insta360 X3 For The Win!

    The results are in and the motorcycling world has spoken! Insta360 X3 is the new king of motorcycle cameras and it’s easy to see why! This powerful 360 action camera gives motorcyclists the freedom to set up the camera almost anywhere on their bike or body, and capture endless amazing angles.

    X3 shoots 5.7K 360 video, as well as 4K flat video in Single Lens Mode, so versatility is a given. Smooth shots are guaranteed no matter the conditions thanks to FlowState Stabilization. And practically speaking, the camera is waterproof, tough as nails, and comes with a bunch of awesome motorcycle mounts.

    But what can you actually shoot with it? Check out the shots below to see why Insta360 X3 should be the go-to camera for your next ride! 

    First, a word on reframing and invisible selfie sticks!

    Reframing is one of the coolest parts of shooting with a 360 camera. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s basically changing where the camera is facing to show off different angles within your video. It’s super easy to do when editing in the Insta360 app or Insta360 Studio. You’ll see plenty of examples in the shots to come but here’s an idea for starters:

    360 video from X3 mounted near the wheel, showing how the video can be reframed to change the angle

    Another thing you’ll notice is a distinct lack of selfie sticks, extension poles, or rods. That’s because Insta360 X3 automatically removes them from the shot! Hence the clean, third-person views you’ll see throughout.

    Motorcycle Camera Shot #1: Front View

    Let’s start with the big guns. For this one, just mount your camera to the front of your bike. This can be done using the extension rods and mount pads in the Motorcycle Mount Bundle. Insta360’s legendary FlowState stabilization technology smooths out the shakes for a super steady shot.

    Motorcycle Camera Shot #2: Tail View

    Here we attached a selfie stick to the side of the bike and mounted X3 for a MotoGP style shot. Alternatively, you can use sticky pads to mount the camera on the tail. And thanks to the easy reframing mentioned previously, you could also use this mount to get shots of the view behind the motorcycle too!

    Motorcycle Helmet Camera Shot #3: Helmet View

    Of course, the helmet is a prime mounting location, perfect for capturing POV shots of your riding view. Riders can also attach an extension rod to their helmet for epic sweet first-person shots.

    Motorcycle Camera Shot #4: Handlebar View

    The handlebars are an ideal spot to mount for an immersive shot from your POV, or to see yourself mid-ride. Remember, just reframe in the app afterward to face in absolutely any direction!

    Motorcycle Camera Shot #5: Chest Mount POV

    With X3, you get the best of both worlds. All the impossible 360 shots, plus traditional, motovlogging style shots with 4K Single Lens mode. All you need for this one is a Chest Strap like the one pictured below (included in the Bike Bundle).

    Motorcycle Camera Shot #6: Wheel View

    X3’s versatility is a big part of what makes it the best camera for motorcycling. Not only can you mount it in unique positions, but you can also capture angles that regular action cams aren’t capable of. This one gives a great, low angle for an immersive feel!

    AI editing in the Insta360 app

    All your Insta360 X3 motorcycle videos and photos can be edited on-the-go with the Insta360 app. It’s super intuitive, and packed full of useful tools. It even has editing templates that can edit your footage for you, like this Sky Swap effect:

    Gif showing a motorcyclist riding on a street with AI effects changing the color of the sky. Shot with Insta360 X3.