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  • The Forcite MK1S
    The Forcite MK1S helmet powers your ride with an integrated HD camera, inbuilt Harmon Kardon speakers and a patented peripheral vision light display that pairs with the Forcite app to give riders road and navigation alerts....

  • Forcite announces the Forcite MK1S, the most advanced motorcycle helmet ever created by the company, will now be available in the USA. Forcite design engineers have added improved smart technology and new features across audio, visual and road alert systems within the Forcite MK1S, Forcite Command (cloud based smarts) and Forcite app ecosystem. 

    After injuring himself in a motorcycle accident, Forcite’s CEO and Co-Founder Alfred Boyadgis joined forces with industrial designer Julian Chow to make a radically improved motorcycle helmet. One that no longer required bulky clip-on cameras or headsets and could alert riders of upcoming dangers before they arrived there. Their award-winning invention provides a more dynamic and safe riding experience with integrated smarts and the inbuilt camera, audio, and rider-alert system. After launching the highly successful MK1, a team of 10 Forcite design engineers spent two years, dozens of prototypes and invested $6 Million in R&D to create the MK1S.

    Forcite road alerts & peripheral LED display 

    Thanks to a reimagined road alert ecosystem, riders are connected via the Forcite app to navigation, speed traps, mobile camera alerts and live traffic conditions. These are then communicated via a unique in-helmet peripheral vision-diffused LED display. Designed to be non-distracting, the peripheral alert animations communicated alerts to the rider safely. Whatever the time of day, the ambient light sensors adjust the brightness. No need to look 

    down at displays, the Forcite MK1S keeps heads up and focused on the road ahead. 

    Harman Kardon Audio 

    The Forcite MK1S also features high-end in-helmet audio powered by removable, 40mm Harman Kardon speaker drivers. While other audio equipment is often left to the rider to install, the redesigned comfort fit speaker cavity offers riders an unparalleled on-bike audio experience in a seamless design. The speaker system is paired with omni-directional dual microphones tuned for vocal clarity and wind reduction for riders to take calls and voice over video. 

    Action Camera 

    After watching hours of rider footage, Forcite design engineers have lifted the camera’s colour balance and performance so riders can truly capture their night-time riding in low light. A high impact design and wider-angle lens has also been added to provide reliable, continuous recording, even in the event of most helmet impact situations. The camera offers HD 1080P resolution with 30-60 FPS frame rate, H.264 encoding and a ¼ inch Sony IMX Sensor. Riders can share footage of adventures via the Forcite app. With in-app editing, these can be cut and shared straight to social media. 


    Thanks to the Forcite Test Pilots group sharing their experience with existing models, the Forcite MK1S has a redesigned 3D-formed foam throughout, with cheek pads and a crown liner offering a contoured fit. A new neck roll design with extendable chin curtain creates a tighter seal around the neck, significantly reducing wind noise - providing better isolation for improved audio performance. Premium sweat wick materials have been selected for durability, comfort, and fit. This padding is ideal for riders who travel via the motorway.



    The Forcite MK1S visor now includes the Pinlock Max Vision 120. The Pinlock visor insert is made out of a material that contains moisture absorbing properties, which reacts like a sponge and absorbs moisture effectively, keeping the visor clear. Along with Pinlock, a quick-release mechanism and locking switch for track and high-speed use are also included. In addition, an internal sun visor keeps out the glare at UV400.


    The Forcite MK1S is the lightest smart helmet on the market at only 1500g (s/m) and the patented technology is stylishly housed within a hand-laid carbon fibre shell. The helmet has received ECE 22.05 (soon ECE 22.06) and DOT certification and is one of the only street-legal smart helmets available. Born in the fire of an Australian summer, ventilation is provided by an eight-vent system with optimised channel airflow which keeps the rider cool whatever the conditions. 

    Forcite Aftercare 

    Following an accident, or even a dropped helmet, Forcite owners can send their helmet to have the shell replaced and the tech components salvaged. All electronics will be checked by the Forcite team and any that are damaged will be replaced at no cost. Forcite owners only have to pay for the replacement helmet shell.


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