Pineda De Mar (Barcelona), 
  • Booth: 1223

Josper is an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine. It is aimed at a very demanding profession: the HoReCa sector. It is also highly rated by Steak Houses, Brasseries, Tapas Bars, Bistro-cafes, Traditional restaurants, Haute cuisine…

  • It works 100% with charcoal.
  • A unique closed barbecue design.
  • Different levels of GRILLING.
  • Flexible and robust, easy to use, with a front opening door system.
  • Vent system for temperature control.

By bringing the added value that comes from the Firewood (charcoal) to the raw material, we obtain those fl avours of yesterday, as well as a perfect texture and juiciness. By combining the functions of an oven and grill, we can work at high temperatures, sealing the product, smoking and grilling at the same time. These results are unique, and make the JOSPER Charcoal Oven a piece of equipment that is also unique.


Josper & Moldovan

 Press Releases

  • JOSPER modernizes the traditional Basque Grill. Keeps its essence, but inserts a new design and technology, besides of transforming it into a show cooking to cook in front of your customers.

    The new grill its composed with different independent modules, which makes an adaptation possibility to fit all size kitchens. At the same time, this modules, allows a different regulation for each one, achieving a perfect control in the baking. Each one provides an individual ashtray and one inferior drawer to save accessories.

    The arm elevation of the grill is made with a mechanical system, applied with the frontal wheel. It’s unique design includes an in-build reduction that guarantees a soft and continuous movement of the grill without making any effort.

    This Basque Grill has been designed to obtain an optimal thermic isolation. Thus counts with an exclusive ventilation system based on multi-chambers air circuit, heat conduction unforced flow, limiting heat transfer to reduce the outside temperature of the JOSPER BASQUE GRILL, and thus be easy to fit.

 New Product

    The new CLASS A charcoal broiling oven is much more than a grill and an oven in a single machine....

  • The new CLASS A charcoal broiling oven is much more than a grill and an oven in a single machine.

    It is a unique equipment working 100% with charcoal, with a unique closed barbecue design, different levels of grilling, both flexible and robust, easyt o use, with a front opening door, vent system for temperature control and double rack to gain productivity.

    CLASS A efficiency improvements include hydraulic door retention, thermal insulation, new upper tempering area,greater accessibility, a more compact design and easy clean system. These upgrades result in an exponential increase in the quality and quantity of its production and the oven’s final performance.

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