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KRUPPS are one of the world’s leading Glass/Dishwashers machine manufactures, with over 50 years’ experience offering quality and innovative products. KRUPPS products are very well designed and manufactured, are great quality value for money and they are real work-horses and totally reliable. KRUPPS is also a synonym of eco sustainability, a company that's always paid attention to the environment, efficiency and savings.

KRUPPS Evolute Electronic Control uniko will give to the dishwasher the functions benefit of to be… 

  • more energy saving
  • more hygiene self-cleaning cycle at the end of the day operation
  • longevity
  • Ecoclean system for partial clean water refill at every washing cycle 
  • and finally, 4 individual programmable washing cycles

Others key features and peculiarity of the KRUPPS machines are:

  • Adjustable rinse arm speed with the result of perfect wash every time.
  • Completely stainless steel made wash and rinse arms and tank filter
  • Detergent and raise dispensers standard built in for all machine

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Company Profile

 Press Releases

  • (Dec 07, 2018)

    KRUPPS, one of the world's leading Glass/Dishwashers machine manufacturers in innovative design, with over 50 years’ experience manufacturing dishwashers. Quality and absolute reliability, top performance, cost management, reduced energy consumption, service and support à la carte. This is the washing system expectation in the catering industry, and these are the KRUPPS product strong points, irreplaceable partners in the management of a modern professional kitchen. Not just simple machines, but a washing system with high and innovative technology, the result of an in-depth study of the needs of a modern and professional kitchen, able to respond to all requests in the food universe. In order to be a real support in the kitchen, R & D are key for KRUPPS. Service, support and total quality, together with an efficient customer support centre which is characterized with a dynamic effective response, collaborative and helpful staff, providing pre-sales advice for the most suitable dishwasher, ‘tailored’ to the specific needs of each client, as well as a thorough after-sales service. Environmental coherence, in line with the care required for the environment, is a ‘must’ for KRUPPS headquarters that it is also equipped with photovoltaic panels, succeeding in satisfying, via the use of clean energy, their own business needs.


 New Product

  • EL50E-A
    ELITECH Undercounter Dishwasher with Ecoclean Control system to guarantee the partial refill of water at every wash cycle and the guaranteed sanitizing rinse temperature (NSF), is the ideal solution in terms of efficacy and hygiene....


    • Evolute Electronic control with UniKo touch screen, with 4 individual programmable cycle
    • Break Tank
    • Drain pump
    • Tank Filter
    • Adjustable 3 Lt/h detergent dispenser - Adjustable 0,3 Lt/h rinse-aid dispenser
    • Partial refill of clean water at every wash cycle and guaranteed sanitizing rinse temperature.
    • Uses standard 20”x 20” (500 x 500 mm) baskets
    • Basket supplied: 1 dish basket, 1 glass basket, 2 cutlery Tray
    • Wash pump: 3/4 HP
    • Tank: heating element: 2.6 kW, capacity: 7 G (26 Lt)
    • Booster: heating element: 2.5 kW, capacity: 1.9 G (7.3 Lt)
    • Door clearance: 14.8” (375 mm) H
    • Stainless steel detergent injector soldered to tank
    • Adjustable rotation speed of stainless steel rinse arms
    • Low maintenance, heavy duty, Stainless Steel.
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