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Current Health provides the simplest, but most powerful remote patient monitoring platform available.

Current Health provides the simplest, but most powerful remote patient monitoring platform available. We work with leading health systems across the globe to accelerate discharge from the hospital, reduce readmissions back to the hopsital, and improve the experience for the patient.


  • Current Health
    Powered by the most accurate FDA-cleared all-in-one wearable vitals monitor available, Current, delivers precise actionable insights to healthcare staff so proactive care can be delivered.

  • Current Health has the capability to continuously monitor patient health via its wearable sensor. This sensor sits on the upper arm of the patient and continuously monitors the below vital signs with the same accuracy as an ICU monitor in hospital: 

    • Respiration rate        
    • Oxygen saturation        
    • Pulse rate        
    • Skin temperature        
    • Step count        
    • Activity levels 

    Continuous monitoring enables far deeper insight into patient health. For example, it is possible to track health throughout the day, in response to medications, in response to activity and during sleep. It is entirely passive and requires no patient action, thus increasing compliance. Continuous monitoring also provides a greater window of opportunity to intervene in health deterioration. 

    Current Health also wirelessly integrates with best-in-class peripherals. Today, this allows measurement of 

    • Spirometry       
    • Core temperature        
    • Blood pressure      
    • Weight       

    Over the next 18 months, Current Health will build 50+ more integrations including for white blood cell count, continuous blood glucose and INR. These integrations allow configuration of monitoring kits specific to the clinical needs of the patient and for healthcare professionals to monitor every physical parameter of relevance to enable better patient care.

    Current Health supplies interfaces for the patient, the healthcare professional and for administrators. The patient interface allows: 

    1.        Symptom reporting and questionnaires via a chatbot style interface with If This Then That functionality. This also allows patients to be recommended interventions, such as self-care, based on their answers. 

    2.        Reminders, both audio and visual, to complete tasks such as to submit a reading using a wirelessly integrated peripheral or to submit a symptom survey 

    3.        To report that they do not feel well i.e. an emergency button 

    4.        Audio, visual and video educational content display 

    5.        2-way audio and video communication between the patient and their care team 

    6.        Help and support to set up the kit and to use the wirelessly integrated peripherals. Reminders can also be sent to the patient via automated phone call, increasing engagement and compliance. (The patient interface will be extended in 2020 to include medication reminders and to provide the patient access to the collected data on them along with linked educational content.)

    The care team and service administrator dashboards allow: 

    1.        Visual trend and tabular review of vital signs and other collected health parameters 

    2.        Review/management of alarms and logging of interventions 

    3.        Modification of alarms and reminders 

    4.        Review of symptom reports 

    5.        Video calling with the patient 

    6.        Collaboration between the care team through notes 

    7.        Generate reports, in PDF or CSV format that include aggregate and raw health data as well as alarms and interventions 

    This care team interface allows care managers and healthcare teams to review many patients on one common dashboard, with patients grouped into high, medium and low priority based on their alert status. Alerts are generated based on healthcare professional-defined rules. 

    These rules allow: 

    1.        Combination of vital signs together e.g. IF pulse rate > 110 AND respiratory rate > 25 AND movement IS low then generate an alarm 

    2.        Consideration of long-term trend e.g. IF pulse rate > 110 for 60 minutes AND respiratory rate > 25 for 60 minutes 

    3.        Consideration of change over time e.g. IF pulse rate increases by 20% over the last 2 hours 

    Alerts can be modified for individual patients during admission and after admission through the care team interface. Alerts are sent as push notifications to our mobile application or by email. Current Health allows for complex escalations and alert routing through roles, priorities and duty status. Users log in and mark themselves as on-duty when they start a shift. Alerts can be sent to all on-duty users for a particular role and then escalated if there is no acknowledgement of that alarm within a configurable number of minutes. Each alert has a combined priority.

    Current Health offers two-way audio, visual and SMS based messaging between the patient and the care team. The audio and visual communication is integrated directly into the patient interface and allows both scheduled and immediate calling. 

    Current Health implements care plans and pathways on the system, based on templates and their customer's specific configuration. These drive alerts, reminders and tasks on the patient tablet e.g. review this piece of educational content, take a blood pressure, complete a symptom report. This is completely customizable. Patients receive reminders through the patient interface, both audio and visual, and through phone calls. 

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