Download the Official Homecare 2018 Mobile App for an Enhanced Show Experience!

You need to log in to the mobile app in order to sync your information from the NAHC 2018 event website.

To log in to the mobile app, use the BadgeID you received in your NAHC 2018 registration email messages.

Select "Schedule" from the app dashboard.  In this section, the sessions and events are grouped into categories by specific keywords, industry functions, or product type and then sorted by day and time. Click on a track name for session/event details and speaker info. 

From the app menu dashboard, select the My Notes app icon. 

To add a note, tap on the "pencil" icon on the bottom of the screen.

To edit one of your notes, tap on the "folder" icon on the bottom of the screen to see more details.

To email the notes to yourself or a contact, tap on the "arrow" on the bottom of the screen.

You can also add notes to sessions you attend or plan to attend. There is a "Notes" button on each session's description page. These notes can also be emailed.

From the app menu dashboard, select "My Planner". From here you can manage the lists of sessions, workshops and meetings that you have added to My Itinerary.

Saved Sessions, Workshops & Meetings

Click on "My Planner" to see your schedule by day. This section will include all of your saved sessions, workshops and meetings that have been added from your mobile app. 

Add a Session or Event to Mobile Device's Calendar

Select a session/event from the Schedule screen, click on the star icon to "Add Session" and select "Add" to save the session in your device's calendar.

Add Workshops to Mobile Device's Calendar

Click on workshop you are interested in and then click on star icon next to Workshop title to add it as a favorite.

Add a Personal Meeting

From the My Planner page, tap on the "calendar" icon at the bottom of the screen. Select your desired day and time and add details in "Meeting Notes" section.

Remove a Saved Session

Tap on the "star" icon next to the Session title to remove the listing from your planner.

Select the Speakers icon from the menu dashboard. The speakers are listed in alphabetical order, by their last name.

Tap on the speaker's name to view their profile for details on the session(s) where they are presenting at the event.

You can also find out the Speaker(s) for a particular session by viewing the session's page.

From the app menu dashboard, tap on the Facebook app icon to go to the event's Facebook page or tap on the Twitter app icon to go to the event's Twitter page so that you can easily track their activity.

You can follow a post, reply to a post, retweet a post, and mark a tweet as a favorite - all within the mobile app. 

Hashtag is #NAHC2016

Select "Networking" from the dashboard menu.
My Profile

After you have logged in to the attendee networking feature, visit the "My Profile" link in the upper right corner of the screen. Complete your profile with as much detail as you would like. The more details you offer the easier it will be for other attendees to find you. 

Message an attendee from the attendee list

Scroll to the right to find the envelope button, tap the envelope button to send the attendee a message. 

Send a message from an attendee's profile

From the attendee list, click on an attendee's name to view their profile. You will see options to connect with them via email, social networks, and professional networks depending on what the attendee has chosen to display. To send an attendee a message, tap on the envelope icon.

If you have any other questions regarding this event's mobile app, please contact support.

A member of the a2z support team will respond to your email within one business day.

Questions? Visit the FAQ.