The Biggest Industry Expo is Back and Better than Ever!

As a leader in your agency, you know the key to better care for your patients and improvement in your bottom line is finding the right solutions to whatever problems you face. That is why visiting the Expo at the 2021 Home Care and Hospice Conference and Expo is not optional, it’s imperative!

There are over 170 companies in the Expo this year and these experts on everything from accounting to wound care are the ideal business partners and solution providers for your agency.

In addition to all the great products and services available in the Expo, you won’t want to miss the Learning Labs, where companies will provide demonstrations about solving common problems in the home care and hospice industry.

You don’t have to worry about missing a General Session or an important education session while you’re networking and meeting problem-solvers in the Expo because the Expo will be open for over 10 hours during the Conference when no other events are scheduled.

Your experience at the 2021 Home Care and Hospice Conference & Expo will not be complete without a visit to the biggest and best expo in the industry. Whatever problems your agency is facing, the companies in the 2021 Home Care and Hospice Expo will help you solve them.