Leveraging New Technologies to Increase Consumer Engagement

  • Room: 263/264
  • Session Number: 705
Tuesday, October 25, 2022: 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM


Michael Link
Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer
Hospice and Community Care
Rich Berner
Complia Health


Effective communication with patients and families, via the right channels, at the right time, is a powerful driver of client satisfaction and positive care outcomes. However, the time commitment involved in recurring check-ins, schedule coordination with clients and caregivers, responses to follow-up questions raised during visits, monitoring medication, and securing physician authorizations all add pressure on already overstretched staff. This session will share proven technologies your agency can deploy to increase the flow of important information. Presented within the context of actual agency workflows, the session will target integrated strategies enabled through technologies such as HIPAA-compliant texting, AI-powered chatbots delivering secure messaging through text links, and effective use of telehealth/virtual visits. The session will conclude with actionable next steps for successful deployment of smart technology for enhanced consumer engagement and better health outcomes.



Course Level: Intermediate; 1.2 Accounting CPEs (NASBA/BMO) 1 Nursing CNEs contact hours

Learning Outcomes

1. Assess the effectiveness of their agency’s current communication methods for engaging patients,
families, clients, care providers and physicians, and determine their highest value opportunities for
2. Evaluate which potential communication technologies are best matched to their agency’s size,
operational processes, and infrastructure.
3. Formulate a business case for necessary investments and establish criteria to evaluate prospective
technology partners.


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