OASIS E: Are We Ready?

  • Room: 274
  • Session Number: 408
Monday, October 24, 2022: 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM


Cindy Krafft PT, MS, HCS-0
K&K Health Care Solutions


The ability to get a “clean” OASIS out the door in a timely manner has been an ongoing challenge to the home health industry. The resources consumed by the QA process can be a financial strain on the organization not to mention to time involved with moving the document back and forth. Focusing almost exclusively on the speed of the QA process is insufficient and may actually drive up costs. OASIS E provides an opportunity to reframe the conversation and preparation must include revisiting the review process to determine if change is needed. This session will address the three pillars that impact achievement of a “clean” OASIS: ● Information collection by Intake ● Data Collection by Clinicians ● Accountability of Clinicians and QA



Course Level: Intermediate; 1.2 Accounting CPEs (NASBA/RE) 1 Nursing CNEs contact hours

Learning Outcomes

1. Discuss the impact of Intake on OASIS accuracy and timeliness.
2. Examine the impact of clinician engagement on OASIS accuracy and timeliness.
3. Explore the impact of the quality review process on OASIS accuracy and timeliness.