Larissa Kruzel PMP

Director Of Business Operations
Polsinelli PC, Polsinelli LLP


As the Director of Business Department Operations, I am focused on the intersection between achieving the organization's strategic vision and solving real complex business problems. I am most passionate about delivering value in a meaningful and practical way while maintaining alignment to long term goals and in a direction that moves the organization forward. I draw on my diverse professional skillset to help me understand the unique needs of my firm and their position in the industry at large. I leverage my training in Lean Six Sigma, legal project management, data analysis, design thinking, change management and process improvement to help me shape and direct projects across a diverse professional landscape and my background in chemical engineering and manufacturing shapes my pragmatic work approach.

I have spent most of my professional career in the Project Management field. First, starting as an R&D scientist and project manager for a manufacturing company to now working in AM Law 100 firms on a variety of firm and client initiatives. As part of my work in Big Law, I have also had the opportunity to co-teach a class at Chicago Kent Law School called, "Legal Project Management and Legal Process Improvement," which focuses on the unique challenges that business professionals in the legal industry face.


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