Erin Musumeci RN

Home Health and Hospice Clinical Consultant
National Government Services


A dedicated and skilled RN with a broad range of healthcare experience including acute, post-acute, home health and hospice knowledge with excellent leadership and communication skills. Erin has spent more than a decade in nursing obtaining a significant understanding and background in research, case management, utilization review, medical record and claim review, state and federal healthcare regulations, patient, staff and provider education, as well as direct patient care including; infusion therapy, operating room, obstetrics, and an Advanced Achievement in Transplant Management Certification (AATMC). Erin also has experience as a Quality Improvement Analyst in the acute care setting and has previously been responsible for Continuum of Care, Transfusion Services, and Chemical Dependency Services councils. During her time as a Quality Analyst, Erin organized and led a Readmission Reduction Summit that involved multiple members of the healthcare community throughout Upstate NY establishing action plans to decrease 30-day readmission rates. Erin has worked in both the home health and hospice environments delivering holistic patient care and infusion services as a case manager in homes, facilities, and infusion suites. Her expertise with peripheral, central, PICC lines, and ports from infant to geriatric patients is second to none. Erin has professional experience as a Transitional Care Coordinator providing education to patients and family regarding pre-and post-discharge education for elective surgeries, as well as discharge planning for emergent/unplanned admissions. Her experiences with continuity of care, decreasing nosocomial infection rates, education regarding the patient plan of care, disease processes, collaboration with interdepartmental groups (IDG) and as a documentation specialist for infusion, home health and hospice services, offers unique insight into the current processes and need for education throughout the provider community.


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