Kevin Childs

Co-Founder, Practice Leader


When ‘we’ replaces ‘I,’ even ‘Illness’ becomes ‘Wellness’.” That inspiring idea is what CareXM co-founder and practice leader Kevin Childs leverages daily to guide CareXM’s 600-some employees serving coat-to-coast clients. Starting his career in staffing with a team of 150 recruiters, Mr. Childs went on to become a technology and services executive. For more than two decades he has been relied on by global Fortune 500 businesses, including the world’s largest healthcare organizations. He has set aside his “serial entrepreneur” status to focus squarely on Software with a Service (SwaS) CareXM. Childs emphasizes “XM” - Experience Management – in evangelizing and then partnering to deliver the Quadruple Aim in healthcare for Home-Health and Hospice (HHH) organizations. Childs credits his commitment to transformation of a single industry to the profound experience of listening to Hospice calls and then being on the treatment side from two life-changing health events: Late-stage colon-cancer diagnosis, followed by being hit by an industrial vehicle while cycling.


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