Ebrahim Varachia

President | Co-Founder
4444 Second Ave.
United States


Ebrahim is the President & Co-Founder of Patronicity. Based out of Detroit, he recognized a city filled with people passionate about growth, empowerment and change. He believes the cornerstone between a great idea and it coming to life is often times the funding, and started Patronicity as a civic & community crowdfunding platform to inspire growth and change in placemaking throughout cities and towns, both urban and rural across Michigan and the country. Growing Patronicity to be more than just a civic crowdfunding platform, he has led Patronicity to change the way grants are administered and how communities come together to envision, build and create more sustainable and impactful projects meaningful to them. Being an entrepreneur coupled with his passion for sustainable community development, he enjoys learning of new initiatives happening around the country started by other entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, & activists.


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