1 to 1 Beauty Matchmaking is a matchmaking and networking solution that helps to connect exhibitors with attendees before, during and after an event.

1 to 1 Beauty Matchmaking has the ability to generate recommended matches for event participants based on precise matching criteria. Exhibitors can generate a list of attendees who are their recommended best matches and are looking for products and services in their chosen categories. Accurate matchmaking means users can get started with networking immediately instead of spending time on searching for matches.

1 to 1 Beauty Matchmaking enables exhibitors to increase their ROI and maximize their time onsite by networking and scheduling meetings with matched and favorite buyers before the event even starts. Your pre-show lead generation is given a boost with Recommendations provided by the system, instead of waiting for target buyers to hopefully walk by your booth on the showroom floor.

  1. Click here or copy + paste this URL in your browser: http://s23.a2zinc.net/clients/PBA/cosmoprof2018/Public/e_ExhibitorConsole.aspx.
  2. Log in using your Password (sent in your welcome email)

To update your online booth profile:

  1. Log in to the Exhibitor Console using the password found in your welcome email.
  2. Then select "Edit Booth Info".

  3. Fill in your company contact information.
  4. Scroll to the section where you are asked for "Website Url" and enter the web address that you would like attendees to visit for more information about your company.
  5. Select the categories for your products and services.
  6. To add your social media links, scroll to the bottom of the profile form and enter your links in the specified fields. Once these fields are complete the icons for social media outlets will be displayed on your eBooth profile.
  7. Be sure to scroll down and complete all sections. Click on the "Save" button.

To receive your best matches you need to make sure that your eBooth Profile has been completed. Most of your company information is already in your profile, but it's always a good idea to review it in case important information has changed.

What will deliver your best matches, however, are the Product Categories selected for your business. Your Product Categories need to be manually selected. This is a very simple, but critical, step for the system to deliver your best matches. Also, selecting appropriate product categories will make it easier for your best matched attendees to find you when they are conducting searches for exhibitors to visit onsite.

  • Once you are logged in select Booth Info from the Exhibitor Console.
  • Review your company information and make any necessary updates
  • Select the categories for your products and services

Exhibitor Console

To search for attendees, select the Search the Attendee List button located on the Exhibitor Console page.

  • Leads:

    Leads are attendees who have favorited your eBooth profile. Attendees may search for exhibitors based on a number of factors such as product offerings, geographic location, and keywords that they have indicated as relevant to them. Please ensure that you have updated your eBooth profile with complete information, so as to provide attendees with richer, searchable content within your eBooth and increase your likelihood of being favorited.
  • Search:

    If you would like to perform a detailed search for an attendee, select the Search tab to search by keyword, category, country and state.
  • My Attendees

    This is a list of attendees that you have tagged as favorites.
  • Recommendations

    This is a list of your system matches. Increase your chances of getting better leads by selecting the appropriate Product Categories in your eBooth Profile.

Once you have identified an attendee that you are interested in, you can add them to your list of favorite buyers by clicking the star icon beside the attendee's name.

To find attendees who have favorited your company, click on the Leads tab on the Registered Buyers List.

You can send an email to a specific attendee from any of your attendee lists by clicking on the envelope icon. An email will be sent directly to the attendee's inbox. Every exhibitor has 25 emails they can send. You can purchase more emails to send from the Digital Promotions section. 

To request an appointment with an attendee, simply go to the Attendees List. Click on the calendar icon on the far right of the selected attendee's name. Each exhibitor can schedule 50 appointments with attendees. 

Select a date and time that works with your schedule.

Select a location from the dropdown menu.

Enter a short message explaining why you would like to meet.

Click on the "Submit" to send the appointment request.

You can quickly preview any updates you make to your eBooth profile by navigating to clicking on the computer screen icon beside your booth number in the Exhibitor Console. 

If you have any other questions about COSMOPROF, please contact support.


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