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Christian Breton is the n°1 Eye Care ™
For more than 25 years, it has been a key player in tailor-made care.
Available in more than 5,000 perfumeries and department stores around the world, Christian Breton treatments are world renowned and rewarded with numerous awards. Their effectiveness is no longer to be proven: Celebrities from around the world rave about it and international press designated the French brand as "the most innovative brand of this decade".
The Christian Breton laboratories are developing innovative formulas based on rare and powerful ingredients such as 24K Gold and Caviar. 17 patents and numerous efficacy tests prove the solution proposed is precise and effective.

Brands: Christian Breton is the n°1 Eye Care ™

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    92% of women showed a significant improvement in their eye area in only 3 weeks.

    Every day, thousands of daily facial movements create dermo-creases which deepen wrinkles, particularly in the delicate eye area.  Five times more sensitive than the rest of the face, the area around the eye is always the first to show tiredness, lack of sleep and wrinkles.  Liftox, is the very first eye treatment combining Syn-ake “Snake venom-like peptide”, precious caviar extract and collagen to lift and instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles by immediately smoothing the skin’s surface. 

    Liftox introduces a unique technology with skin-relaxing properties. This fundamental re-plumping serum has a deep Anti-Creasing Action for a spectacular Eye Lift effect and a noticeable firming action.  The cool steel ball of its revolutionary applicator glides on the eye contour; delivering a cooling effect for an amazing refreshing sensation. The micro-pressure of the steel ball also stimulates the micro-circulation of the eye area. 

    Apply to clean skin twice daily, using the cooling applicator to gently massage into skin.

    Key Ingredients:

    • Snake-Venom Like Peptide:  a synthetic peptide (mimicking a protein found in the Temple Viper) to help fight against aging, due to its smoothing effect anti-wrinkle properties. Its venom blocks neuromuscular contraction.

    • Caviar - A blend of the 3 best caviars in the world:

      White sturgeon: one of the rarest sturgeon of all

      Siberian sturgeon: the most expensive sturgeon of all

      Organic sturgeon:  exclusively fed with omega 6 to provide sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins D, A, E, F and micro elements.  When the benefits of the caviar's nutrients are absorbed into the skin, it affects virtually all of the skin’s vital functions.

    • Collagen: an excellent water-binding agent which helps delay the ageing process by decreasing wrinkle formation.


  • Liftox
    Liftox is the very first eye treatment with snake venom-like peptides plus precious caviar extract and collagen which immediately smooth the skin’s surface. <br />...

  • This replumping serum targets wrinkles for a spectacular lifting effect and a noticeable firming action.

    With roll-on technology, the cool steel ball applicator glides onto the eye area to deliver an amazing sensation of coolness. The micro-pressure of the steel ball stimulates the micro-circulation of the eye area.

    Women* confirmed that Liftox :
    •96%: is a comfortable skincare product to use.
    •92%: helps repair the skin around the eyes.
    •84%: improves the skin's firmness.
    •80%: smoothes the skin's surface around the eye area.
    •80%: improves the skin's appearance.
    96% of women loved using Liftox.

    *The product was applied by 25 volunteers every day for 3 weeks.


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