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Korea (South)
  • Booth: 46099

1. G&J is Home Shopping Total Consulting Company.
2. G&J is a comprehensive distributor of Korea's Seven Home Shopping Centers and Asia Market

3. G&J is Based on a differentiated and validated system, we are launching a variety of products from live home shopping, based on differentiated and proven systems such as broadcasting, operations, and management.

4. We run four brands, and the cosmetics brand is SOLLUMEESTHE.

5. Our products are currently being exported to China, Japan, and the United States

Brands: “MAKE YOU FIND YOUR GORGEOUS ILLUMINATION” We believe the real beauty comes from your own flawless skin. Sollumeesthe stands for “solution + illumination for me” + esthetique”


    Just invest 15 minutes in a day, it can give you a dramatic change of your facial skin. This product can prevent to losing collagen in your face and improve corium density, cheek lifting, eye rim elasticity. And this is a semi-permanent mask.<br />...

  • We did a clinical study and have English report performed by Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences. As a result of that research, it was proved that this product can enhance collagen in your face and improve corium density, cheek lifting, eye rim elasticity.

    It also easily wearable and has a rational price. This is a semi-permanent mask that can use continuously by just single buying and it has an Ergonomic design that fit easily to various type of face. 

    In addition, SOLLUMEESTHE LED REAL MASK can be more effective when used with skin care cosmetics. As a result of the clinical test, it was confirmed that the moisture content rises only by one use with serum.

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