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Michael Todd Beauty is an award-winning Beauty Brand co-founded by passionate entrepreneurs Lewis Hendler, President (who formerly co-founded SCÜNCI the world’s best-known hair accessory brand) Michael Friend, SVP of Sales & Product Development and Lilia Friend, SVP of Operations.

The team started Michael Todd Beauty with a line of award-winning skincare products but came to realize that preparing the skin properly was critical to making these products work the way they were intended. So, the they shifted their focus to the development of beauty tools designed from an aesthetic and functional perspective to get the most out of your skincare products. Looking around, other companies in the beauty device space typically offered a single special purpose product. The team recognized that beauty devices were a category that could improve the users experience and results in all aspects of skincare. So, they introduced new and better more fully featured beauty tools firmly establishing the Company’s position in the beauty tools category even as against more established competitors. 

Michael Todd Beauty introduced SonicERASER a unique infusion device combining 3 technologies in one to increase the absorption of serums and moisturizers. With the launch of Soniclear, the Company was first to introduce patent pending antimicrobial protection to sonic skin cleansing to keep the brushes clean and fresh longer. Recently, Michael Todd introduced Sonicblend, the first ever antimicrobial sonic makeup brush. These and other innovations gained the Company global recognition and brick & mortar distribution in prestige retailers.

Well known to Millennial and Gen Z consumers through social media collaborations with top IG influencers such as iluvsarahii (3.6 million followers), Patrickstarr (3.5 million followers) and itsisabelbedoya (2.2 million followers), Michael Todd Beauty has become the “go to” brand in the beauty tools category.

Brands: Michael Todd Beauty® Soniclear™ Sonicsmooth™ Sonicblend™ SonicblendPro™ SonicEraser Pro™ Sonic Refresher™ Clear Bilight™


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 Press Releases

  • PORT SAINT LUCIE, Fla.June 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Michael Todd Beauty, creator of the award-winning patented sonic beauty devices and high-performance skincare products, today announced that it has received the 2018 Allure Reader's Choice Award. The company's sonicsmooth sonic dermaplaning system was recognized as the best breakthrough product for skincare in the publication's prestigious roundup of beauty brands.

    Michael Todd Beauty sonicsmooth Sonic Dermaplaning System

    Co-founder and President Lew Hendler states, "The success of the sonicsmooth has been an amazing journey for the brand. Winning the Allure Reader's Choice Award has further solidified Michael Todd's place in the beauty industry. We are honored that the Allure readers selected our sonicsmooth dermaplaning system as the best breakthrough product of the year."

    The sonicsmooth was inspired by the innovative, cutting-edge dermaplaning technique. Co-founder and SVP of Sales Michael Friend states, "We wanted to make the procedure of dermaplaning more affordable and accessible to women. We are very proud of this device and excited that we are being recognized for our innovative, cutting edge technology."

    The brand is also thrilled to be winners alongside some of the best in the industry. "This is a very exciting time for Michael Todd Beauty as we embark on expanded distribution both domestically and internationally," says Co-founder and SVP Michael Friend. The at-home dermaplaning system sonically planes the top layer of skin (exfoliation) while removing debris (build-up) and simultaneously removing unwanted Vellus Facial Hair (peach fuzz).

    The Michael Todd Beauty sonicsmooth sonic dermaplaning system is available at ULTA Beauty, HSN, Macys, Beauty Brands and Michael Todd Beauty's website.

    For more information on Michael Todd Beauty, its award-winning sonic beauty devices and skincare products, visit www.MichaelToddBeauty.com.

    About Michael Todd Beauty

    Michael Todd Beauty is an award-winning Beauty Brand co-founded by passionate entrepreneurs Lewis Hendler, President (co-founder of SCÜNCI, the world's best-known hair accessory brand) and Michael Friend, SVP of Sales and Product Development.

    Hendler and Friend started Michael Todd Beauty with a line of award-winning skincare products but came to realize that preparing the skin properly was critical to making these products work the way they were intended. The two then shifted their focus to the development of beauty tools designed from an aesthetic and functional perspective to get the most out of skincare products. Looking around, other companies in the beauty tool category typically offer a single special purpose product. To Lewis and Michael, beauty devices were a category that could improve the users experience and results in all aspects of skincare. With this in mind, they introduced a wide range of all-inclusive beauty tools. This firmly established Michael Todd Beauty as a major competitor in the beauty tools category.

    Media Contact: 
    Felice Asson
    felice@michaeltoddbeauty.com / 772.800.7654 x114


  • Sonicsmooth™
    3 speed rechargeable dermaplaning device designed to remove dead skin cells & vellus hair. This weekly treatment painlessly rids the complexion of unwanted facial hair while exfoliating the surface layer of skin for a smooth radiant complexion....

  • Who Should Use it?

    All skin types.


    • 1 Rechargeable Device Handle
    • 8 Single Use Safety Edges (2 month supply)
    • 1 Charging Dock with Wall Plug-in Charging Cord
    • 1 User Manual
    • 1 Honey and Oat Cleanser- Prep 25 ml / .8 fl oz
    • 1 Sonicsmooth Soothe After Treatment Gel- 25 ml /.8fl oz
    • 2 Year Warranty


    sonicsmoothtm harnesses the complexion-enhancing properties of sonic technology (258 beats per second) to safely and effectively target unwanted facial hair, rough skin texture, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines and dullness.

    • 3 Speed Setting- Allows you to customize your sonic dermaplaning session to specifically meet your skin's needs an comfort level
    • Rechargeable- Easy and convenient wall-plug in cord and recharging dock eliminates the hassle and expense of purchasing batteries and is also a better choice for our environment
    • 2 Month Supply of Safety Edges- Stainless steel surgical grade blades encased in a protective harness that perfec fits your sonicsmoothtm device handle to safely and effectively sonic dermaplane in the comfort of your home
  • Sonicblend™
    Sonicblend is the world's first antimicrobial sonic makeup brush. A rechargeable makeup brush with patented technology that applies makeup without clumping. Sonic movements disperse individual granules of makeup in thin layers for a 3D airbrush finish....

  • Who Should it?

    All skin types

    • 1 Antimicrobial No 10 Universal Brush Head
    • 1 sonicblend Rechargeable Handle
    • 1 USB Charging Cord
    • 1 Hardshell Travel Case

    Benefits & Features

    World’s First Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush

    • World’s first antimicrobial sonic makeup brush with LIFE® protection that reduces bacteria formation that is likely to grow on brush heads between use by 99%
    • Each bristle oscillates in sonic movements at up to 424 times per second which is 25,440 per minute to apply makeup flawlessly, faster, seamlessly for a perfectly blended airbrush-like finish
    • 3D Flaw-FillTM Technology an intuitive patent based technology that uses sonic movements to prevent clumping by dispersing individual granules of makeup into wrinkles, enlarged pores & fine lines for a 3D flawless makeup application
    • Faster cosmetic application that also allows you to use less makeup for a more youthful radiant look
    • 3 speed settings for a fully customizable makeup application
    • Rechargeable Lithium battery runs continuously for 60 minutes
    • Detachable Brush Head allows for ease of cleaning as well as for interchangeable Heads
    • Compatible with powder, liquid and cream based makeup
    • Provides an enjoyable stimulating massage during application for additional anti-aging benefits

    Independent Consumer Perception Study Results-an independent accredited testing facility conducted a study to evaluate the Sonicblend Sonic Makeup Brush. The following are the study results:

    • 97% reported that Sonicblend helped to prevent makeup from settling in fine lines, wrinkles and pores
    • 94% reported that it was easier to blend makeup with Sonicblend
    • 91% reported a more even application of makeup with Sonicblend
    • 97% reported that the antimicrobial protection in Sonicblend was important
    • 84% reported that makeup application was faster with Sonicblend
    • 81% reported that they were able to use less makeup with Sonicblend
    • 94% reported that they liked having 3 Speed Settings to choose from with Sonicblend
    • 97% reported that they would recommend Sonicblend to a friend
  • Soniclear Petite™
    Cleaner Skin Begins with a Cleaner Brush - Petite™<br />Enjoy sonic skin cleansing with built in protection against<br />microbial contamination. Now available in the Petite™ style!...

  • Who Should Use it?

    All skin types


    • 1 Soniclear Petite
    • 1 Facial Brush Head With Cover
    • 1 USB Universal Voltage Charger
    • 1 Travel Case
    *Mutiple Colors & Patterns Avaialble

    Benefits & Features- Dermatologist Recommended

    • Patent pending antimicrobial brushes are clinically validated to reduce bacteria formation by 99%. When cleansing with an antimicrobial brush you don’t have to worry about age accelerating bacteria that can grow on brush heads between use.
    • Water proof with 3 speed settings for a customizable experience
    • Automatic timer let’s you know when it’s time to move to the next cleansing area
    • Sonic Technology with brush bristles that act like micro-brooms moving approximately 300 times per second
    • Soniclear’s antimicrobial brushes last twice as long as a leading competitor’s before recommended replacement and are clinically validated to guard brushes against 99% of bacteria.
    • Replace antimicrobial brushes every 6 months verses competitor’s every 3 months
    • 3 year warranty
    • 20,590 bristles on every Soniclear antimicrobial face brush head (55% more than the leading competitor face brush.)
    • Multi-patented technology
    • 2 hour running battery Life, the longest in the industry
    • Clinically Validated Results **See attached Home Perception Study Claims
  • Sonic Refresher™
    Wet/Dry Sonic Microdermabrasion System with MicroMist™Technology<br />Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion and Micronized Misting combine to Remove, Reset, Refine and Rehydrate for a completely rejuvenated complexion with a more youthful radiant glow....

  • Who Should Use it?

    All skin types. For more sensitive skin, use with the Fine Treatment Head or the Small Treatment Head with the Wet Feature (Micronized Mister).

    System Includes:

    • Sonic Refresher Tool
    • 1 Coarse Treatment Head
    • 1 Fine Treatment Head
    • 1 Small Treatment Head
    • Built in Micronized Misting
    • 30 Disposable Filters
    • USB Charging Cable
    • 2 Year Warranty

    Features & Benefits

    Step 1. REMOVE (Use C-coarse Tip)


    Black Pink

    NEW Launch Summer

    • Professional-grade exfoliation treatment with diamond encrusted metal tip paired with sonic technolog vacuum suction helps remove dulling dead skin, uneven texture and congestion while creating a smoo healthier looking complexion with improvement in the appearance of dark spots, uneven tone, radian smoothness, fine lines and enlarged pores.

    Step 2. RESET (Use S-small Tip)

    • Small sleek design allows you to reset the signs of aging by targeting fine lines, wrinkles and hard to reac like around the nose area for a completely rejuvenated and more youthful look

    Step 3. REFINE (Use F- fine Tip)

    • Finer diamond bits allow you to polish and smooth your way to a brighter, more radiant and youthful loo
    • Creates a perfectly smooth skin surface for a flawless makeup application and preps skin for increased absorption for accelerated anti-aging results

    Step 4. REHYDRATE with Micronized Mister

    • Transforms any toner into a micronized mist to infuse freshly detoxified pores with soothing hydration

    WET Mode for Extra Gentle Skin Rejuvenation

    • Hydrate and calm with the Micronized Mister while simultaneously rejuvenating the complexion with microdermabrasion for gentle skin smoothing benefits. Available in all 3 speed settings including sonic
  • Clear Bilight™
    Dual Blemish Clearing LED Wavelengths<br />Utilize the same technology dermatologists do to<br />comprehensively kill acne bacteria and speed the blemish<br />healing process.<br />...

  • Who Should Use it?

    CLEAR BILIGHT is a safe and effective way to treat mild and moderate inflammatory acne. CLEAR BILIGHT should not be used by anyone under the age of 13 or anyone taking photosensitizing medications.


    • 1 Clear Bilight
    • 1 Blue Light Treatment Head
    • 1 Red Light Treatment Head
    • 1 Charger Stand
    • 1 Power Cord
    • 1 Pair Of Goggles
    • 1 Instruction Manual

    Clinical Results

    Studies show a 76% improvement for those suffering with

    moderate inflammatory acne after completing combined blue & red light therapy.

    Benefits & Features

    Two Wavelengths in one device, a comprehensive approach to treat multiple acneic issues

    • Blue Light is an effective method used to kill Propionibacterium (P-acne bacteria)
    • Red Light stimulates healing response on a cellular level to help clear the blemishes and heal

    An alternative to topical drying agents

    • Clinically proven results: combination blue & red light therapy is more effective at clearing acne than 5% Benzyl Peroxide
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