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Organic, beautiful products & a committed brand

Since 2009, Absolution products are designed to restore, maintain and protect the skin’s natural ecosystem, to help it reach its optimal condition. Our formulas work to rebalance stressed skin and provide the most effective nutrients and antioxidants to slow the effects of time. Aimed at both men and women, our products can be easily tailored to your skin's needs and moods.

Because makeup should be good for you—in every way—Absolution and celebrity makeup artist, Christophe Danchaud, joined forces to create the ideal organic and natural makeup collection, formulated without any suspicious ingredients, while still delivering professional results.

Our products are certified organic by Ecocert, our packaging is eco-designed (recycled and/or recyclable; vegetable inks). We carefully select our suppliers, and we take a sustainable development approach, in order to minimize the impact of our 'Made in France' production on the environment. The bold, arty design of our products shows that organic and beautiful go perfectly together.

Brands: Absolution is a Parisian certified-organic skincare & makeup indie brand. Our premium products are designed to restore and protect skin’s natural ecosystem to help it reach its optimal condition.

 Press Releases

  • Absolution, The French Creative Apothecary


    Founded in 2009 by Isabelle Carron, Absolution offers a different approach to beauty, aimed at moving away from mass consumption and focusing on a more responsible, more engaged lifestyle. It's about going back to a natural beauty – its simplicity, authenticity and purity. It's about going back to the essential.

    "After working for several years as Creative Director in advertising agencies, I decided to create my own agency, where I worked for various cosmetic and fragrance brands. But I kept feeling that something was missing from them… They seemed to lack a certain sensitivity and simplicity. They needed to be more demanding, with an aesthetic that would break with conventional codes…"

    Isabelle Carron came to a simple decision. She decided to draw on her experience and passion for botany to create Absolution, surrounded by talented people and working with a small but cutting-edge laboratory.

    Nature's generosity is endless, so is our curiosity

    Absolution products work to erase the dirt and grime of our urban lifestyles. Every day, they let you rediscover your skin's original beautyits simplicity, authenticity and purity.

    • We draw on the best of nature, with 99.9% natural ingredients, of which 50% are organic, to respect and help restore the ecosystems of both the planet and your skin.

    • Our formulas are both sophisticated and effective, combining the power of medicinal plants with our zest for clever and creative formulas. There is no room for compromise.

    • Our simple "Mix & Match" method allows you to create a maximum number of combinations with a minimum number of products, to meet your skin's precise needs.

    • Finally, we have an innate taste for beautiful designs that are beautifully appealing! Absolution also has a mission: to share a way of seeing the world that finds beauty in everything.

    Our values

    High Standards and Honesty / Effectiveness / Simplicity and Purity Creativity and Beauty / A commitment to a better world

    Absolution around the world

    Very selective distribution. Niche beauty stores, department stores, concept

    stores, spas… Absolution products are sold in about twenty countries, through 350 selective outlets.

    Mainly in Europe and in France: BHV, Printemps, Mademoiselle Bio, Le Bon Marché, 10/10 Apothecary (Taiwan), COSMOTHECA (Russia)…

    Brand users with high visibility

    Emma Watson, Vanessa Paradis, Marion Cotillard, Mélanie Laurent, Catherine Deneuve, Chiara Mastoriani, Keira Knightley, John Nollet, Agyness Deyn, Bérénice Bejo, Lou Doillon, Monica Bellucci…

    Absolution: already a standard-setter

    A regular award winner in "Le Guide des Meilleurs Cosmétiques" [Guide to the Best Cosmetics] by L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques – the French "Cosmetics Observatory," dedicated to cosmetic products, which works with a group of independent experts.

    In 2016:

    · La Crème du Jour: no. 1 day cream for all skin types

    · La Crème de l'Homme: no. 1 anti-aging cream for men

    · Le Soin Purifiant: no. 1 cleansing mask for combination skin

    · La Solution + PURETÉ: no. 1 facial serum or oil for oily, combination and young skin

    · La Crème du Soir: no. 2 night cream for normal skin

    · L’Eau Soir et Matin: no. 4 cleansing toner for normal skin

    · La Crème Riche: no. 4 anti-wrinkle day and night cream

    Also recommended by L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques:

    · La Solution + ECLAT

    · La Solution + PROTECTION

    Absolution: absolutely organic

    Absolution is always looking for the most effective ingredients so that it can bring together organic and natural in unique and original ways. Its products combine effectiveness with pleasure of use, ultra-fine textures and natural, delicate, unisex scents that become absolutely addictive.

    Absolution products deliver immediate results that are just as good as – or even better than – those delivered by conventional cosmetic products. Not only are our products safe for your skin, your health and the planet, but they also offer better results than regular skincare products.

    Don't forget that chemistry tries to imitate naturebut will never be as good as nature.

    All our formulas contain 99.9% NATURAL INGREDIENTS. 96% of these are MEDICINAL PLANTS. On average, 52% of ingredients come from CERTIFIED ORGANIC FARMING.

    All our products are guaranteed free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, mineral oils (paraffin), chemical preservatives (phenoxyethanol), GMOs and synthetic fragrances and coloring agents.

    Our non-organic ingredients are the very best natural active ingredients that cannot be cultivated:

    - wild flowers (marshmallow, Alpine skullcap, edelweiss, etc.)

    - minerals (sodium PCA, magnesium, calcium, etc.)

    - natural vitamins (Vitamins E, K, U, etc.)

    All our products for the face and body are certified by Ecocert.

    All our products are guaranteed not tested on animals.

    Our skill lies in our ability to create high-quality, organic products that meet the needs of an urban clientele who are looking for products that can resolve their skin concerns while also being gentle on their skin and the environment. In doing this, we remain true to our values: High Standards, Honesty and Effectiveness.

    A range that focuses on the essentials

    Absolution: a range that focuses on the essential…and offers the most appropriate Solutions to bring the skin back to its optimum condition.

    1) The Absolution range focuses on the skin's essential needs and not on specific skin types, because:

    - The skin is an ecosystem that reacts to the outside environment (sun, wind, pollution, cold) but also to our inner state (heredity, diet, cigarette smoke, mood, sleep, health, stress).

    - The skin's needs can vary, and its appearance changes: the days pass, places and seasons change, we move from one life phase to another…

    This is why we talk about the skin's mood rather than skin type.

    2) Absolution products have antioxidant properties and are designed to restore, maintain and protect the skin's natural ecosystem, thus helping to keep it in optimum condition.

    - They provide the skin with all the nutrients and antioxidants it needs to fight skin aging.

    - They meet the skin's needs with an original and unique blend of natural and organic ingredients in each product for the face and body.

    - They work in bio-affinity and perfect harmony with the skin, to deliver visible results from the very first applications.

    3) For every problem, there's a solution! Absolution also offers its Solution + formulas, so you can use them to "match" your skin's mood.

    These concentrated, organic serums can be combined with our essential skincare products to boost their effectiveness and tailor them to your skin's specific or occasional needs. We call it Mix & Match!

    The Absolution innovation: Mix & Match

    Our "Mix & Match" solutions allow for a maximum number of combinations with a minimum number of products, so you can find the Solution that's tailored to your skin's needs at a given time.

    The Solution + formulas are concentrated, organic serums that act like boosters to meet specific or occasional needs: hydration, anti-aging, radiance, protection, blemishes, fatigue, etc.

    The creams and serums have been formulated specifically to ensure that when they are mixed together and applied to the skin, the bio-affinity of the active ingredients is dramatically enhanced.

    That's also the principle of Mix & Match: 1 + 1 = 3!

    Mix & Match

    1) First of all, listen to your skin. Learn to understand what it is telling you. Then you can identify the essential products it needs: the Mix Essentials.

    2) Choose a Solution + formula from the Match Solutions, based on your needs at the time (tired skin, a change in season, dry atmosphere, minor blemishes, etc.).

    So, how should you use them? With the Absolution range, there are no rules. You make them up yourself and learn to use the products according to your desires and your skin's priorities or occasional concerns.

    All of the Absolution creams can be mixed with a Solution + or the Addiction oil, but this is not obligatory.

    Each cream can be used alone, and each Solution + can also be used as it is or layered with other products.

    Skin caring Makeup

    Conventional makeup products often contain undesirable ingredients, but «natural» makeup products often can’t deliver the desired results… That’s why, in 2015, Absolution joined forces with celebrity makeup artist, Christophe Danchaud, to create something that… had never been created before!

    The idea was to fashion the perfect makeup collection: amazing colors, a flawless finish, excellent staying power… The products had to offer professional results, but also skincare benefits, with organic, natural formulas and no suspicious ingredients! They had to be «Sweet & Safe.»

    The «Sweet & Safe» collection was born…  

    Already comprising nine lipsticks – launched in 2015 – the collection now includes your eye makeup essentials: concealer, eyeliner and mascara. Easy to use, they allow you to apply your makeup within minutes, whether you want a natural or sophisticated look, while helping to protect the sensitive skin of the eye area.

    Ecologically designed

    The company is constantly striving to minimize the environmental impact of its production and offer its customers cosmetic products that are as natural as possible.

    Responsibly sourced ingredients

    Our ingredients are natural or come from organic farming.

    We carefully select our partners: our producers and intermediaries are all committed to sustainable development and respecting the environment.

    All skincare and body care products are completely Made in France, our Makeup is Made in Italy.

    This enables Absolution to minimize the ecological footprint of its organic skincare products.

    Airless bottles

    The bulk of the product is never in contact with the outside environment, to protect it against oxidation and microbes. This technique enables us to minimize the use of preservatives.


    Our boxes have a unique design and most of them are held together without glue by using a specific folding technique. They are made from recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks.

    Absolution, unisex protocols that are also very organic

    We are very proud of our products and convinced of their quality – but we are also convinced that their benefits can be even further enhanced in expert hands. That’s why we want to join forces with professionals– therapists who not only master all the required techniques, but also understand the soul and vision of the brand. Men and women who are dedicated to sharing Beauty…

    The Absolution signature treatments offer a moment in time, a closeness between self and skin. They work to restore and strengthen the skin’s ecosystem, replenishing its vitality. Our original, personalized approach takes into account the client’s mood and state of mind. When this approach is combined with our high-tech protocols and the skills of therapists, the results are quite remarkable.


  • Addiction, anti-aging organic face oil
    The ultimate multi-purpose oil to meet all your skin’s needs! This blend of 27 organic botanical oils works to moisturize, nourish, smooth, regenerate, regulate… and so much more. Use day and/or night, all year round. The name says it all!...

  • The name says it all! The Addiction oil gently cares for your skin by providing it with all the nutrients it needs for its balance and beauty. Dryness, irritations, discomfort, lack of radiance… This does-it-all formula can be used all year round, day and night, whenever you want! Offering a non-oily texture, delicious scent and visible results, it's easy to understand why we love it so much!

    Dispense three drops into the palm of your hand, then rub your hands together to bring out the scents. Breathe in deeply to enjoy the benefits of the essential oils, then apply with upward smoothing strokes on slightly damp skin. You can then apply your face cream – or not! It's up to you. You could also add two drops of Addiction to your usual cream to boost its effects. 

    100% natural origin, 94% organic

    A synergy of power ingredients: plum, argan, evening primrose, white lily, prickly pear, daisy, rose hip, sesame, arnica, sandalwood, apricot, helichrysum, carrot and cistus oils, among others. 

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