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Hallo company is a professional enterprise, specialize in cosmetics research and export business. The product industry is located in Tongyeong sea area of Korea with no pollution, have the sound research system and quality management system, combined with the new BNT&FT technology, adhering to the spirit of challenge and innovation, building an effective marketing strategy for the whole world and make progress together with consumers to be the champion cosmetic enterprise with great afforts!

9CC brand as a marine functional skin care product, made from marine organisms such as sea cucumber, sea oyster and so on, which are pure, safe and well absorbed. Marine collagen have regeneration effect, whiten and lighten the skin, protect skin from external environment injury, repair and heal damaged skin and improve elasticity and moisture.

Brands: 9CC


  • 9CC Blue Sea Blanchiment Water Drops Cream
    Nutrients extracted from clear oceans enhance skin moisturizing elasticity, clean skin, give health and beauty, and maintain skin elasticity....

  • Pure sea Spurs algae, Tahiti black pearl, low molecular collagen, hydrating for the skin. Pure sea mineral substance and moisture nourishment, pouring water deep in skin and create healthy and soft skin shining bright status.

    Volume : 100g

    The skin helper that convey health and beauty idea:

    lasting moisture, elastic and wrinkle resistance, relieve the skin;

    pure and fresh;

    pure sea blue energy give skin healthy and fresh new type skin care;

    Test the skin health level, give skin elastic feeling.

    Differences and Features:

    1.Keep elastic, glittering water drop

    Marine organism SPIDER WEB NETWORK GEL contains Spurs algae, black pearl, low molecular collagen etc, hydrating ingredients, supply water, mineral substance, and nourishment, is a type of whitening water drops cream.

    2.Acquire American FDA authorized pure sea skin care ingredient

    Blue energy come from pure sea area which has been authorized by American FDA, research new idea skin care products, which is called intelligent measure water drops cream.

    3.Safe and comfortable skin care products

    No antiseptic, artificial color, mineral oil, alcohol etc, all of the ingredients are tender and safe for skin, strictly comply with quality inspection standard.

    4.Lasting moisture for the whole day

    Any skin type like dry skin, acne skin, rough skin is suitable for the cream. Pure sea Spurs algae, deep ocean water, low molecular collagen, Tahiti black pearl, eating sulphur, aloe, carrot, sunflower oil etc hydrating ingredients, give your skin soft and tender, elastic care.

    Main ingredients:

    Spurs algae

    Tahiti black pearl

    Sea collagen

    Deep ocean water

    Eating sulphur

    Judge your skin health condition by intelligent measure water drops cream

    Dry skin

    The skin doesn’t generate water drop after applying, which is belong to aging and sensitive dry skin.

    Oily skin

    There’s little water drop but big one, easily flow, which is belong to acne and oily skin.

    Healthy skin

    The size and volume of water drop is moderate, which is belong to healthy neutral skin.

    9CC Blue sea blanchiment water drops cream, well know your skin requirement, and also have whitening and hydrating skin care system, let you enjoy beauty experience at home.

    Exclusive GEL water supply subsystem

    1. Mild sea skin care ingredient filled in every water drop of the cream.

    2.Healthy energy of green botany, convey skin beauty.

    Chamomile of apple smell, carrot with abundant vitamin, purslane, rose, aloe, Sea pine edible sulphu, making your skin smooth and hydrating.

    3,Supply moisture and nourishment, relieve skin stress, regain healthy condition

    Sunflower oil, vitamin BE35, collagen MPC which can clean skin, malachite can relieve skin, maintain healthy and balanced condition of skin.

    4.Blue energy of pure sea

    Spurs algae extractive, pure black pearl from South Pacific, collagen which can relieve skin, meanwhile deep ocean water supply moisture continuously, make your skin more smooth and tight.

    How to use:

    1. Wash your face, after step of toner, apply some water drop cream on the skin and massage.
    2. After generate water drop, judge the health condition of your skin, then continue to massage  your face till totally absorbed.
    3. Insist on using the cream everyday can make your skin white and tight.

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