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A Company specialized in women's vagina health, HAUDONGCHUN CO., LTD. (hereafter HUDC) is in high-growth company which records more than double the sales annually. HUDC is a company of ability with holding 3 patent technologies, ‘Pharmaceutical composition for preventing and treating vaginitis’, ‘Pharmaceutical composition for preventing and treating vaginal relaxation syndrome and colpoxerosis' and 'A composition comprising lactic acid  bacteria for protecting and treating vaginosis disease and the use thereof'. Also HUDC was selected as '2014 Republic of Korea Excellent Patent Award'. Also HUDC's Medical equipment business division is developing the non-antibiotic vaginitis medication. (in Phase 2, Scheduled to be release in 2018)

Brands: Feminine Intimate Total Care "JIL·GYUNG·YI" - Keeping women's vagina clean and healthy

 Press Releases

  •   Wearing tight fitting clothes, and in use of public toilet in less than sanitary conditions, woman has to manage the sensitive skin in a hygienic way. Specially, pudendum femininum is more sensitive than other skins, you have to check the feminine cleanser ingredients more strictly.

      HA U DONG CHUN CO., LTD. (hereafter HUDC), the participating company from 2018 Cosmoprof Bologna, is Korea representative Y-zone care specialized company and also launched Korea steady seller feminine cleanser ‘JIL GYUNG YI’. JIL GYUNG YI has made 33times of sold out from home-shopping in Korea, and passed 40million dollars of sales.

      HUDC studies specially about woman’s Y-zone health care. It registered patent of ‘composition to prevent and cure vaginitis’ in 11 countries such as Korea, U.S.A., China, and Russia, and patents of ‘Medical composition to prevent and cure vaginal relaxation and dryness’ in 6 different countries.

      JIL GYUNG YI launched new product, ‘JIL GYUNG YI PRO’ and also launched 3 more different types of ‘Y-zone total care line’ that contain natural ingredients.

      The products are ‘JIL GYUNG YI PRO’ (feminine cleanser tablet type), which helps in cleansing, moisturizing, soothing, and 3 other types of feminine cleanser - gel type, foam type, and spray type. Also, feminine wipes, and whitening cream for bikini line are there new products for Y-zone. Total of 6 products line up of JIL GYUNG YI are made up for different ages women who live all in different life style.

      Specially, tablet type feminine cleanser ‘JIL GYUNG YI’ has ranked the first-place sector of feminine cleanser in “Hwa-hae” (Feb. 2018), Korea main cosmetic comprehensive information flat form. In addition, ‘Daily Ecoa Wash (foam type feminine cleanser)’ has ranked the first place in 2017 Second-half Beauty Award from Korea beauty community, “Powder Room”. These awards have showed matchless product power.

      ‘Y-zone total care line’ products and prices are as below. JIL GYUNG YI PRO 10tablets $35, Daily Ecoa Wash foam type 150g $18, gel type 200ml $26, Feminine Tissue Light 10papers $3, Sunshine Tone-up Cream 30ml $18, Feminine Mist 9ml $9.


    Tablet type feminine intimate cleanser...

  • JIL·GYUNG·YI is a tablet type feminine intimate cleanser product made with 7 different natural ingredients. This product has effects on eliminating odor, increasing moisture level of skin, tightening skin, and brightening skin tone. Because this product is made with natural ingredients, age up to 4 able to use the product. This product is also synthetic gragrace free and synthetic dyes free.

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