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abril et nature is a laboratory specialized in research and development of premium hair care products for beauty salons and stylists.

Our competitive strategy is based on the foundation of quality, innovation and the use of an assortment of the highly effective ingredients to manufacture cutting-edge treatments, always advanced to sector demand. We deal with an absolute accuracy all the phases of research, production and putting on the marked, in its entirely, just like, the training and after-sales service to our customers.

In Cosmoprof Las Vegas we present the most advanced technology to repair the hair. The single formulation with apple stem cells, hyaluronic acid, caviar extract, cysteine bond complex permits our Naturplex  treatment to prevent hair from weakening during chemical works. The active ingredients penetrates to the interior of the cortex of the capillary fiber, and re-connects and repairs the internal bonds, creating new bonds with the keratin chain. 
Mousse Naturplex can be added to the dye or bleaching to protect the hair and improve the results of technical works, and it also can be used as a treatment to avoid the hair breackage of damaged hair.

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  • Natureplex
    CYSTEINE BOND RESTORING REPAIR OF THE CISTINIC HAIR LINKS<br />With Stop-Breakage technology, which protects and repairs hair fiber in the most aggressive chemical and thermal works. Break Protection for discolored, dyed, permanent or straightened hair....

    With Stop-Breakage technology, which protects and repairs hair fiber in the most aggressive chemical and thermal works
    · Hair stays hydrated and healthy
    · Increases its strength and resistance to breakage
    · The intensity and brightness of hair color is lengthened
    Hair reconstruction treatment, internally. Rebuilds and protects the internal bonds of the keratin fiber.
    Hair keratin is a protein. The hair is constructed by bundled keratin chains, which twist and bind
    together. Each hair fiber is formed by multiple keratin chains, and has a large number of internal bonds, which maintain their strength, cohesion and resistance to breakage.
    There are three types of links inside the hair fiber:
    • di-sulfide bridges
    • hydrogen bonds
    • ionic bonds
    Active ingredients:
    Cysteine bond complex.
    Rosehip oil.
    Hyaluronic acid.
    Plant stem cell culture extract.
    Shea butter.
    Extract of caviar.
    Cuticle sealing oil.

    Cysteine bond complex:
    Innovative and exclusive asset of abril et nature, generator of di-sulfur bridges, hydrogen bonds and ionic bonds. It has properties and a mode of action
    that make it unique:
    • acts at the molecular level inside the keratin chain
    • contains a high concentration of cysteine, the di-sulfide bridging amino acid.
    • Penetrates inside the keratin chain, in the cortex, to be placed in the broken di-sulfur bridges, re-connected and repaired.
    • Creates new hydrogen and ionic bonds between keratin chains, reinforcing their union.
    • Is able to act, reconstructing the broken links, at the same time that a chemical work of discoloration, permanent or dyeing is carried out.
    Re-connects the internal bonds of keratin, broken during aggressive technical works.

    Rosehip oil
    It is extracted from the seeds of the rosehip by coldpressing. It has a high content of essential fatty acids ofpoly-unsaturated type (80%). Of these, 41% are linoleic
    acid, 39% linolenic and 16% oleic acid. These fatty acidsare essential in the biological processes of regeneration of our tissues. They protect and contribute to the regeneration of keratin fiber.

    Shea butter
    Natural vegetable grease that protects hair from damage during washing, styling and chemical work.

    Filtration of plant stem cell culture
    Coming from the Swiss apple variety Uttwiler Spätlauber. Due to its properties of longevity, regeneration and vitalization, it helps maintain the original characteristics of the protein structure.

    Hyaluronic acid
    It has a double capacity: it retains moisture and is able to penetrate to the cortex, which recovers the hydration of the hair and maintains it. The recovery of the natural
    moisture level causes the fiber to recover its flexibility and elasticity, and, consequently, its resistance to breakage.

    Caviar Extract
    It contains proteins and nutrients with what is highly indicated for the repair of the skin and hair. The constituent proteins of caviar provide the hair with
    hydration, elasticity, and softness.
    The extract of caviar is also rich in vitamins, which play an important role in the protection and renewal of hair: vitamins A, D, E and B12.
    Vitamins stimulate cell division, therefore, the regeneration of the skin and hair. They have an anti-oxidant effect against free radicals, therefore they help to
    delay aging.

    Cuticle sealer oil
    It acts by sealing the scales of the hair cuticle, providing final touch of softness and shine.

    Instruction of use:

    Step 1: Wash the hair with Bain Shampoo Nature-plex Stop-Breakage from abril et nature, in the usual way. Wash the hair two times, rinse all the hair and dry with a towel.

    Step 2: Apply the Nature-Plex Stop-Breakage mousse from abril et nature to all damaged hair. Massage and comb to distribute the product correctly. Leave an
    exposure time of 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse hair with water.

    Step 3: Apply the Nature-Plex Stop-Breakagemask from abril et nature. Massage lightly, distributing the product correctly. Leave an exposure time of 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse hair with water. Dry the hair naturally or by "brushing".

    Step 4: with towel-dried hair, apply a small amount of Nature-Plex Final Touch of abril et Nature from medium to ends. Do not rinse.

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