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Welcome to Nachurs at Ag Progress Days!


Nachurs has launched a new way of looking at crop fertility, based on our potassium, Bio-K. This organic acid compound is now the base of our Phosphorus fertilizers as well as Potassium. On this base is built the Nachurs Rhyzo-Link line of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria fertilizers, as well as Nachurs Aqua-Tech for fertigation.

While we still provide the old standards, Nachurs 9-18-9, 6-24-6, and 3-18-18, just as corn hybrids continue to change and improve, Nachurs is working hard to improve how crops use fertilizers into the 21st century.

Brands: Nachurs Bio-K, Nachurs Rhyzo-Link, Nachurs Aqua-Tech, YaraVita Procote