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Industry leading hay accumulators and bale grabbers.


Our simple hay accumulators work hard for you. The Kuhns hay accumulator is hooked directly behind your small square baler and mechanically arranges the bales into groups. The Kuhns Tie-Grabber and Grabber are used on your front end loader or skidsteer to stack the bales on a waiting wagon or trailer. Using a Kuhns Grabber, the bales are then easily stacked into your storage shed or retrieved later. 

Founded in 2005, Kuhns Mfg has always been focused on making a reliable system to handle small square bales. Kenneth Kuhns invented the unique accumulator for his own farm. By a farmer for farmers.

Brands: Kuhns Mfg LLC


Kuhns Mfg Small Square Handling System


  • AF10 Accumulator
    This accumulator arranges the bales on their strings 4 wide and 2 long, plus a tie row with 2 bales turned sideways. This results in a group that is 7.5 ft wide, fitting nicely on an average 8ft wagon or trailer.


  • Our most popular accumulator model. Get more information here.

    The tie row allows for cross-stacking with the KN510F or 510F, making a more stable load on the wagon or truck.

    This 10 bale accumulator is well suited for small farms and fits well with many different types of wagon or trailer.

    With no adjustment, the AF10 can handle bales from 32” to 38” long. Bundle dimensions are 64” to 76” wide and 82” to 94” long depending on the length of bales.

    The innovative design of the accumulator allows it to be fully automatic without the use of hydraulics or electronics. Using excess energy from the baler plunger, the bales are pushed up and out the top of the front chute. There is no extra pressure applied to the plunger and the chute does not deform the bales. As gravity moves the bales downward, the last bale in each row swings a gate to open the next row. The last bale in the grab opens the back gate. As the accumulator unloads itself, springs and counterweights automatically return all the gates back to their starting position, ready for the next bale.

    The Kuhns Hay Accumulator is built from the ground up as a durable machine. The concept has logged many thousands of hours in many different areas, terrains, and types of hay with exceptional customer satisfaction.

    Set up your baler in 4 easy steps: bolt on the bale chamber extension, adjust the hitch to the correct position, trim the guide belt to the proper length, and loosen the pressure in the bale chamber to compensate for the back pressure caused by pushing the bales up the chute.

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