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Milk Cooling and Storage Equipment for Your Dairy Operation


At Paul Mueller Company, we are united by a belief in quality that works for life. Our goal is to have lasting impact with every piece of processing equipment we build. This collective vision has led us from a small sheet metal shop into a global supplier of heating, cooling, processing, and storage solutions. Our equipment allows farmers, brewers, and engineers to keep their products fresh and their inventory strong. Whether our equipment preserves milk in rural areas or helps manufacture medicine with broad health benefits, we are making an impact across the globe.

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The Mueller Promise

 Press Releases

  • Paul Mueller Company announces a new product coming soon to its Dairy Farm Equipment lineup. The Mueller® Milk Tower wash system, is designed to meet the needs of growing dairy operations.

    “Dairy farmers are always looking for new ways to improve operating efficiencies,” says Chris Ancipink, Dairy Farm Equipment Product Manager at Paul Mueller Company. “We kept this top of mind when we created the Mueller Milk Tower wash system. It provides a convenient, thorough wash cycle, and its control also lets farmers perform and monitor maintenance cooling.”

    The Mueller Milk Tower wash system makes cleaning easy. The wash system, sized especially for the Mueller Milk Tower, provides a quick fill, consistent built-in chemical dosing, and short, efficient wash cycles for quick turnaround times. The wash system’s maintenance cooling function, able to operate under high ambient temperatures for extended periods of time, gives farmers more flexibility in their milk pickup schedule.

    Farmers also benefit from the wash system’s HiPerForm® Plus control featuring MilkSecure™ technology to support a cloud-based interface. Remote monitoring reports the status of milk cooling systems to dairy producers including milk volume, milk temperatures, equipment alerts, and more. Data recording helps validate cleaning cycles for regulatory compliance and the control’s touch screen interface is available in multiple languages to meet the needs of global markets.

    Paul Mueller Company is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri with manufacturing and sales operations in Iowa, The Netherlands, and Vietnam. Paul Mueller Company employees build innovative processing equipment for dairy farms and a wide variety of other applications in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical facilities worldwide. For more information about Paul Mueller Company products, visit


  • Mueller® Dairy Farm Equipment
    Paul Mueller Company bulk milk tanks set the industry standard. Dependable and durable, you can count on years of trouble-free performance, the lowest operating costs, precise temperature control, and a wide range of standard features and options....

  • Trust The Milk Cooling Systems Specialists

    We specialize in milk cooling and storage systems and our coolers meet or exceed world standards including 3-A. Mueller milk coolers are built from polished stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning. They feature double-wall construction with spray foam insulation to maintain proper cooling temperatures. We also utilize our exclusive Temp-Plate® heat transfer surface for maximum cooling power and low energy costs.

    Our bulk milk coolers are available in 15 models and 13 sizes from 500 to 8,000 gallons to suit the needs of small and large operations. They also come standard with heavy-duty agitators and automatic washing systems and can be adapted to your operational needs using Mueller refrigeration and control systems, which provide the most suitable range of features.

    Upgrade Your Milk Cooling Experience

    The Mueller Model “OHF” milk cooler arrives on the farm ready for work. With limited field setup required, this system can be installed in hours and be ready for the next milking cycle. Simply set the milk cooler in place, plumb the water and chemical lines, connect refrigeration circuits, and make your electrical supply terminations. For dairies looking to upgrade their milk cooling experience, low installation costs and a chemical dosing system make the “OHF” an ideal option, providing an optimal milk cooling and storage experience for years to come.

    Further ease each workday when you choose the HiPerForm® plus control, with MilkSecure technology inside, for your Model “OHF” milk cooler. Automated cooling and wash cycles, as well as access to vital on-farm data via the cloud, help you gain peace of mind during those times you need to be away from your dairy operation.

    Need to Save Space with Vertical Milk Storage?

    The Mueller Milk Tower offers ultimate cooling capacity and enhanced features in a tiny footprint. The Milk Tower’s conservative footprint dramatically reduces construction costs when compared to the milk house square footage required for conventional milk coolers. It sits outside on a concrete slabbed footing with the only component penetrating the milk house wall being a stainless steel alcove.

    Mueller Temp-Plate heat transfer surface inside removes more heat from milk in the same amount of time when compared to other silos, and the surface's horizontal orientation creates an increased cooling surface area allowing optimal refrigeration at lower milk volumes. Reach maximum cooling efficiency and maintain temperature, even when the tower is not 100 percent full. A powerful, built-in evaporator supports temperature maintenance. The exceptional product protection provided by the Mueller Milk Tower enables you to deliver the highest-quality milk possible.

    A standard 4-inch vent renders this Milk Tower capable of a faster empty rate than previous vertical tanks. Ideal for extra-large traditional and extra-large robotic dairy farm needs, Mueller Milk Towers, in six sizes ranging from 7,000 to 40,000 gallons, provide high-capacity milk cooling and storage where space is at a premium. 

    A Complete Milk Cooling and Storage Solution

    Whether your dairy operation is small or large, robotic or traditional, Paul Mueller Company offers reliable equipment sized right for smooth operations. We offer Accu-Therm® plate coolers, chillers, cleaning systems, E-Star® HiPerForm® condensing units, controls, Fre-Heater® heat recovery systems, and large refrigeration systems to meet your unique needs.

    Learn a little more about these popular items: 

    • Accu-Therm plate coolers allow you to use your water supply to cut refrigeration costs. With the technology of our Accu-Therm plate coolers, your existing water supply can be used to precool warm milk before it goes into your milk cooler. The warmed water is then available for animal consumption at your dairy facility. Precooling milk reduces the time and energy needed to reach proper temperatures in your bulk tank by as much as 50 percent.  
    • The HiPerChill 5 package chiller works in unison with an Accu-Therm plate cooler to instant cool milk in the transfer line as it exits your robotic milking stalls. This process improves your milk profile by keeping bacteria, fatty acids, and excessive milk cooler agitation at bay, and ensures the highest quality milk ships to the processor.
    • Our E-Star HiPerForm condensing units are specifically designed to handle the large temperature changes required to cool milk. They are manufactured with a true refrigeration compressor, rather than an air-conditioning compressor adapted for dairy farm use, and are designed for easy service. You can expect to outperform all other milk-cooling units in terms of reliability, efficiency, and value. 
    • The HiPerForm plus control is designed for use in both traditional and robotic dairy farm operations. A cloud-based interface reports the status of milk cooling systems to dairy producers including milk volume, milk temperatures, equipment alerts, and more. Connect your dairy, dealer, hauler, processor, and team. Safeguard your milk.
    • Fre-Heater heat recovery systems capture the heat from your milk and inject it back into your potable hot water system. Depending on your dairy cooling system and the amount of your dairy production, 100 percent of your hot water needs can be supplied by a Fre-Heater. Through these systems Mueller encourages sustainability by recycling the heat generated from the tank-cleaning process and using it to fill the hot water heater.

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