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Living agricultural technology
With outstanding working results, we enable each of our customers to experience PÖTTINGER as a leading and innovative agricultural technology brand! Our objective is to make work easier for customers and enable sustainable farming. Our products and services offer the highest possible quality because we are leaders in manufacturing methods and technology. "Living agricultural technology" is the basis for all our actions and the success of our customers is our objective. And has been since 1871.


    The trailed HIT 16.18 T with 16 rotors and a working width of 55.7ft offers maximum output combined with high quality working results and excellent ground tracking....

  • High output and the best spreading quality

    Farms are getting bigger, harvesting windows are getting shorter, and the demands on forage quality continue to increase. Pöttinger has developed this large trailed tedder to meet these requirements. The HIT 16.18 T delivers high output, the best ground tracking, hugely convenient operation and perfect spreading quality.
    The heart of the tedder series is the innovative DYNATECH rotor. As a supporting element, the front guard rail also increases strength. The rotor has an ideal diameter of 4.6ft. The six swept tine arms pick up your forage cleanly and deliver a perfect spread pattern due to the ideal spreading angle. The sweeping arms "pull" the tine to ensure a crop conserving pick-up action. The offset tine lengths pick up the forage uniformly and improve tedding quality

    Best ground tracking even with wide working widths

    The two large chassis wheels are close to the leading arc of the tines and as a result act as oversized jockey wheels for the rotors. These wheels guide the tedder perfectly over undulations in the ground. Each element in the frame adapts independently to every contour for perfect ground tracking. This means that each rotor adapts optimally to the terrain and ensures clean forage.

    LIFTMATIC PLUS - ingenious lifting system

    The new HIT 16.18 T also features unique LIFTMATIC PLUS technology that raises the rotors into the headland position: a double cylinder moves the rotors into a horizontal position before raising them. This intelligent control system prevents tines from scraping or penetrating the ground. Forage contamination is significantly reduced while working quality is increased. LIFTMATIC PLUS also reduces the weight acting on the tines, further increasing durability and productivity.
    The headland lifting system provides excellent ground clearance, which makes the tedder much more manoeuvrable. Not only does this make things easier for the driver, it also increases the flexibility of the tedder in the field, when crossing drainage channels, for example.

    A HIT right down the line

    For fenceline tedding, the two rotors on the outer right-hand side can be folded backwards hydraulically by 15°. The two diagonal rotors distribute the forage over the mown area without forming a swath. The result is a strip of cleared field bordering the neighbouring crop. The rotors can be adjusted conveniently from the tractor seat using a double-acting hydraulic cylinder.

    The launch of the new HIT 16.18 T gives Pöttinger a tedder that is in a class of its own in terms of working results. The highest output combined with optimum forage and soil conservation designed to meet the expectations of farmers and contractors.

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