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​ISF has been helping agriculture find new and better ways to make quality feed and forage for over 60 years.  Founded by JG Forest on the idea that producing quality feed was the most important job of livestock producers, ISF has succeeded by improving our customers efficiency and profitability. 

All of our products act as oxygen scavengers to minimize the growth of molds and yeast in silage, haylage, baleage, dry hay and high moisture corn, producing healthier and more nutritious forages.

Brands: Silo Guard, Ration Guard, Hay Guard, Eureka


  • Silo Guard
    Silo Guard is a trusted forage preservative that can be used on corn silage, alfalfa and grass haylage, small grain silage, wrapped hay, high moisture corn and dry hay....

  • Silo Guard contains a combination of sulfur compounds, enzymes and sugars that act as a fermentation aid and as a mold & yeast inhibitor.

    • The sulfur compounds help remove oxygen from the storage structure and act as a sterilant to control the growth of unwanted spoilage organisms - mold, yeast and certain bacteria.
    • The enzymes and sugars help supply a food source for the fermentation bacteria to grow and produce fermentation acids.

    Silo Guard starts working on Day 1 to stop plant respiration and minimize the growth of mold and yeast, which:

    • Keeps fermentation temperatures lower - on farm and university tests show Silo Guard treated silage, haylage and high moisture corn had lower temperatures than either untreated or inoculant treated forages.
    • Saves more dry matter - tests at Kansus State University showed thast Silo Guard reduces dry matter loss in corn silage, alfalfa haylage and sorghum silages by more than 50%.
    • Retains more nutrients - on farm trials show more energy, sugars, starches and protein retained in silges treated with Silo Guard.
    • Produces a healthier forage - on farm trials show lower levels of mold & yeast on forages treated with Silo Guard compared to untreated forages of forage treated with inoculants.
    • Improves bunk life - University trials show less dry matter loss and lower temperatures in forages treated with Silo Guard vs. untreated or inoculant treated forages 5-8 days after the storage structure was opened.
    • Improves animal performance - University trials at Kansas State and the University of Tennessee show higher ADG and feed efficiency on beef cattle fed silage treated with Silo Guard.  Trials at the Volcani Institute and Washington State University showed cows produced more milk and had higher intakes when fed silage treted with Silo Guard.

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