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March 8 - 12, 2021


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NIRS in the Contemporary World for Food and Agriculture

  • Session Number: G12-07
Wednesday, March 10, 2021: 10:45 AM - 11:05 AM


Nanning Cao
Ardent Mills


With the outbreak of Covid-19, this global pandemic has posed significant problems in various industries. Food safety is one of them, places challenges in many areas such as agriculture and food production, food retail, public health, and supply chain. Under the pandemic circumstance, food safety concerns have arisen in the market in an unprecedented way. This could stimulate new business that meets the demand for portable NIR devices and imaging technologies. In the coming years, it is critical to building the vision not only on the platforms of collecting data but also on how to take advantage of predictive analytics to get ahead. From the NIR instrumentation manufacture stand of point, one thing is to keep improving the quality of spectral/imaging data by enhancing the hardware, the other is to incorporate the user interface into the customer’s data automation system, data pipeline, and their cloud computing database. The automation system will maximize operation efficiency, simplify data management and sharing, and generate analytical reporting. It helps customers to reduce human errors, acquire clean data to influence decision making in a timely manner, and increase the chances of creating values and customer loyalty. In addition, with in-line NIR generates so much real-time data during the production monitoring process, it provided opportunities for large data processing for making data-driven business strategies. With the economic growth slowing down, and the developments of trade wars, the shifting of regulatory, the market of NIR applications will be impacted on both local and global levels. On the other hand, the NIR business could leverage this opportunity, for example, to convert stand- alone instruments to the digital network solution plan for the recovery ahead, where the benefits are clearly shown in this pandemic.


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