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March 8 - 12, 2021


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Method Development and Optimization in Liquid Chromatography

  • Session Number: A02-03
Friday, March 12, 2021: 9:50 AM - 10:25 AM


Bob Pirok
University of Amsterdam
Mimi den Uijl
University of Amsterdam
Peter Schoenmakers
University of Amsterdam
Stef Molenaar
University of Amsterdam


Analyses by liquid chromatography (LC) critically depend on good methods and developing these is the hallmark of good chromatographers. For at least 40 years – or slightly shorter for youngish researchers [1] – the systematic development of LC methods has been an active area of research. Such efforts may be based on a minimum number of experiments or on an in silico approach aimed at quantitative structure-retention relationships [2]. While the ingredients of an experiment-based approach have barely changed, the practical application of such strategies has changed enormously. Among the progress made are much more-controlled, and consequently more-precise scanning experiments, much broader availability an applicability of highly informative detectors (especially mass spectrometers), automatic peak-tracking algorithms, even for extremely complex chromatograms, adequate retention models for a variety of LC modes (not just reversed-phase, but also HILIC, ion-exchange, etc.), smart optimization algorithms (including application of techniques from the artificial-intelligence domain), and very powerful computers and programming platforms. All this progress now allows systematic, computer-based development and optimization of highly complex analysis, such as comprehensive two-dimensional LC (LC×LC), leading to enormous time savings and lowering the threshold for applying LC×LC in practice. [1] P.R.Haddad et al., J.Chromatogr.A 282 (1983) 71-81 [2] Y.Wen, …, P.R.Haddad, Electrophoresis 40 (2019) 2415-2419

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