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Elma Electronic has a proven record of delivering platforms and enclosures to meet the most rigorous safety and system critical requirements for railway equipment -- for on-board, trackside or remote operation. Our cabinets are designed to withstand the toughest AREMA and CENELEC standards for shock, vibration and harsh thermal environments. Our embedded computing platforms are also designed as rugged high speed computer platforms for a range of applications - passenger information, intelligent train control, etc. 

For those required to meet the Made in America clauses, we manufacture all of our platforms and cabinets at our facilities in California, Georgia and Pennslvania. 


Brands: NetSys Rugged Cisco Router; scalable DIN rail Ethernet switches; CPCI Serial embedded computers; AREMA & CENELEC certified cabinets; EN-50155 compliant communication computers; rugged power solutions.


Optima M1 Rugged Cabinets for Railway Installations

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  • Technical Highlights                                                                  

    • EN 51055-compliant for secure railway communications
    • Powerful Cisco Advanced Enterprise IOS and Mobile Ready Net capabilities
    • Rugged construction designed to endure rolling stock and mobile applications

    FREMONT, California – Elma Electronic Inc. now offers a fully EN 51055-compliant NetSys-5304 that facilitates seamless, secure communication in rolling-stock applications that involve vehicle positioning, monitoring, speed control and collision avoidance.  The NetSys-5304 is part of Elma’s Cisco-enabled family of rugged systems designed for high performance communication and computing at the network edge.

    Designed to deliver secure IP-based data to mobile rail and transportation applications, the NetSys-5304 is based on Cisco’s 5915 Embedded Services Router (ESR) with Advanced Enterprise IOS and Mobile Ready Net capabilities.  An on-board hardware encryption engine ensures secure, uninterrupted handling of all data, video and voice. 

    Layer 3 routing protocols quickly and seamlessly establish ad hoc networks as nodes shift relative to positioning in and out of the range of fixed networks. 

    The NetSys-5304 also includes radio aware routing, quality of service (QoS) support and a dynamic link exchange protocol. These routing optimization protocols ensure sufficient bandwidth to critical wireless nodes in the time and sequence necessary to support network communication requirements.

    Ram Rajan, senior vice president of engineering at Elma Electronic, noted, “By combining our engineering resources with our packaging design skills, we were able to deliver both the performance and reliability needed for secure communications in today’s rugged railway applications. To meet the EN 51055 standard, our NetSys product needed to demonstrate high degrees of fault protection, built-in diagnostics and easy maintenance.”

    The NetSys-5304 features a fanless design that provides passive conduction-cooling and reduces maintenance needs as well as possible component failures.  The robust M12 connectors and an IP67 rating ensure that the system can withstand severe environmental conditions, such as intense shock, vibration and humidity typically found in rugged, mobile applications.

    The unit comes equipped with front LEDs to quickly verify system status as well as link activity. 

    Pricing for the NetSys-5304 is dependent on configuration.

    For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/NetSys5304R, contact sales at sales@elma.com, or call (510) 656-3400.

  • Optima’s M1 Rugged Cabinet Desiged to Meet AREMA & CENELEC Standards

    For use harsh Railway and Transportation Environments

    Starting with a standard M1 design, Optima provides cabinet designs tailored to specific uses, both on-board and trackside.

    Optima has the expertise and capability to modify its standard M1 cabinet design and test it to a customer’s environmental requirements, ensuring that the designs meet or surpass those tests before shipment, resulting in significant

    time savings for the customer. Below follows a design example for a project that required meeting both AREMA and CENELEC testing requirements. Short videos of each test can be found here: https://fast.wistia.net/embed/channel/ijrk4881ym

    Customer Requirements

    Provide complete, tested cabinet platforms in different sizes to house rackmount equipment located on-board railway locomotive trains intended for public transportation and off-board applications like signal control rooms and cable management. Control room and wayside racks had to be shielded to meet IP42, IP 54 and applicable IEC standards. All cabinets also had to meet earthquake requirements as well as AREMA and CENELEC standardized tests for shock and vibration.

    Optima Solution

    Optima stepped up to the challenge using the standard M1 welded aluminum cabinet series as the base for the customer’s design. Our engineering team designed several rugged cabinets to meet the specs. The cabinets were then test to meet the various requirements before shipping to the customer, saving them valuable time in the process of both design and testing. The cabinets were tested to AREMA C&S Manual, Part 11.5.1 (Recommended Environmental Requirements for Electrical and Electronic Railroad Signal System Equipment), Section D.4 (Vibration) and D.5 (Shock), Class I)) and CENELEC rail specification standards for shock and vibration (EN 61373:2010). The vibration was an especially severe endurance test.

    Overall Benefits

    What made the solution unique is that it was able to pass the testing without the assistance of shock and vibration damping (isolators) typically needed for this type of cabinet construction. The cus­tomer was very satisfied and Optima is now positioned to provide racks that will protect sensitive, on-board and wayside rail applications worldwide.

    For further details and other railway-related products and solutions, visit our website, review the Railway Solutions brochure, or contact sales at sales@elma.com.

    Get our updates: http://www.linkedin.com/company/elma-electronic

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  • EN50155-compliant Rugged Embedded Router
    The NetSys-5304 is a fanless rugged embedded Cisco™ router designed to meet EN 50155. Delivering secure IP-based data to mobile transportation applications, it facilitates a variety of seamless and secure vehicle communications....

  • Benefits 

    • Cisco Layer 3 routing protocols allow mobile users to quickly and seamlessly establish ad hoc networks as nodes shift relative positioning, moving in and out of the range of fixed network infrastructure. 
    • Advanced support for ad hoc networks reduces unacceptable levels of overhead that cause delays in critical data delivery when real time performance is required. 
    • Routing optimization protocols ensure sufficient bandwidth to critical wireless nodes in the time and sequence necessary to support network communication requirements. 
    • Extends collaboration and information sharing 
    • Cisco IOS software familiarity minimizes training expense


    • Suitable for use in harsh environments – compliant to EN 50155
    • Cisco Advanced Enterprise IOS and Cisco Mobile Ready Net Capabilities
    • 5x 10/100 Ports (2x Routed, 3x Switched) with M12 connectors
    • Radio Aware Routing, Quality of Service support, Mobile Ad Hoc Networking, Dynamic Layer 3 IPV4 and IPV6 Routing, Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol
    • On board hardware encryption engine for secure data video, voice and data handling
    • Quick adaptation to rapidly changing network topologies
    • Self-healing, self-forming nodes quickly link to form their own network infrastructure
    • Fast and secure connectivity for mobile users outside the reach of fixed networks
    • Fast and effective load balancing between IP routing and radio networks in delay sensitive communications
    • Front LEDs for power, system s/w status and 5 x for link activity

  • Optima M-Series AREMA / CENELEC Cabinets
    Optima M1 cabinets are designed and successfully tested to meet both AREMA and CENELEC railway standards. The cabinet is designed to pass all testing to qualify for use in railway applications, where high vibration and shock conditions occur....

  • The high strength-to-weight ratio design of the Optima M-Series cabinet supports and protects critical railway equipment during the full force of a seismic or other shock/vibration event.

    Optima M1 cabinets are designed and successfully tested to meet both North American (AREMA) and European (CENELEC) railway standards. The cabinet is designed to pass all testing to qualify for use in railway applications, where high vibration and shock conditions occur.

    The welded and riveted frame is designed by modifying Optima’s standard M1 cabinet frame design. In one design challenge, it needed to meet a customer’s specific requirements for AREMA Part 11.5.1 Class I – Vehicle Interior (Platform-Mounted), which examines the operation of electronics inside locomotive spaces. Optima’s cabinet did not require shock isolators in order to meet the mechanical shock and vibration requirements mandated by the railway industry.

    Visit our booth for more information on Optima railway-qualified M-series cabinets and other modification capabilities.

  • RailSys - rugged, modular panel-mount system
    Introducing Elma’s latest modular computing platform, the RailSys CompactPCI Serial system. A cost-effective solution with very flexible design options, the RailSys is for use in harsh railway environments, where high reliability is required....

  • Elma Electronic’s RailSys (Elos) is an embedded rugged CompactPCI Serial system platform for a wide range of applications. The compact system is based on modular building blocks that make this platform extremely flexible. 


    • Modular, panel-mount rugged CompactPCI Serial platform 
    • CompactPCI Serial backplane with 2 or 3 slots
    • Enclosure supports up to three 3U cards (100 x 160 mm), with passive or active cooling
    • Includes power supply with wide input range to meet for railway, automotive or industrial applications
    • Selection from a wide range of CPU units and I/O cards from Elma partners such as EKF

    For details and a datasheet: http://bit.ly/2NDPu20

  • Embedded Industrial Ethernet DIN Rail Solutions
    AL100 series Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switches by EKF, scalable from 5 to 15 ports with rail-approved, front-panel M12-X connectors. Available in commercial & rugged temperature operation. Ships with standard DIN-Rail bracket or wall-mount plate....

  • Features Summary 


    • 1000BASE-T Ethernet switch box, DIN rail or panel mount
    • Self-managed operation
    • Scalable 5 to 15 ports
    • Metal case
    • 12V/24VDC power input

    Front Panel I/O 

    • M12-X front panel GbE, rail approved connector system, Cat6A, IEC 61076-2-109
    • 10/100/1000 BASE-T data transfer rates
    • Future proof investment - up to 10Gbps with M12 Cat6A
    • Optional M12 X-coded to RJ45 connector Cat6A cable assemblies
    • M12-A 5-position male connector for 8 - 30V DC power input (12VDC, 24VDC)

    Power Requirements 

    • DC Input,
    • Power consumption 3W/6W/9W max. (5 / 10 / 15 ports)

    Gigabit Ethernet Switch(es)

    • Marvell® 88E6390 based Gigabit Ethernet switch(es)
    • 1 to 3 switches for 5 / 10 / 15 front ports
    • IMP - integrated management processor
    • High performance, non-blocking, Gigabit Ethernet
    • Supports 802.1 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) Gen 2 *
    • Quality of Service (QoS) support with 8 traffic classes
    • Supports 4096 802.1Q VLANs, three levels of 802.1Q security
  • High Speed Serial Embedded Computing Platform
    CompactPCI Serial based modular embedded system platform for high speed computing railway applications, i.e. passenger information, intelligent train control, etc. Designed to meet EN 50155 compliance....

  • Elma’s CompactPCI Serial based modular embedded system platform is designed for high speed computing railway applications, i.e. passenger information, intelligent train control, etc. It’s designed to meet EN 50155 compliance.

    Two 5 slot backplanes provide enough computing capacity to run both a RAID system and a passenger information system. The CPCI Serial platform delivers the full computing power of the CompactPCI Serial architecture. Having the system slot on the right side ensures that all slots can be fully utilized.


    • Advanced EMC shielded 3U CompactPCI Serial Platform
    • Equipped with two segments: two 5-slot CPCI Serial backplanes and power supply
    • High-speed connectors, supporting data transfer rates of up to 12 Gb/s across all slots
    • Cooling bottom to top without forced air cooling

    Dimensions: 4U high x 84HP wide x 285mm deep

    Backplanes: two CompactPCI Serial backplanes with five slots each, system slots on right side

                        Segment 1 - RAID-System: 1x  CPU and 2x SSDs on Carrier

                        Segment 2 - Passager information system: 1x CPU, 1x SSD Carrier, 1x GbE Interface (I/O card) and 1x HDD Carrier

    Power Supply Unit: 60 Watts, 17 – 137 VDC input range

    • Ambient temperature: -40 °C – +70 °C
    • Compliant to EN50155


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