Times Microwave Systems

Wallingford,  CT 
United States
  • Booth: 4214

Times Microwave Systems offers a broad range of low-loss RF coaxial cables, connectors and cable prep tools. The LMR (trademarked) brand of low-loss coaxial cables are the industries choice for low-loss, highly shielded flexible RF interconnects. When used with the Times CST style prep tools and EZ style connectors,  simple and repeatable connector field installations can be achieved. The LMR-FR series offers a UL listed product, that is non-halogen, low-smoke and flame retardardant.

 In addition to the LMR coaxial cable products, Times also supplies a broad range of high quality lightning protection devices. The BTR series, offers a single unit capable of RF lightning protection from 20 MHz through 1GHz. The BTR-W  is an IP-67 weatherized unit which also offers the same single unit broadband protection. Lightning protection products are available for GPS, Wi-MAX as well as high power, Low-PIM cellular applications.

Brands: LMR (trademarked) flexible low-loss coaxial cables and "EZ" style connectors, for PTC, CBTC and rail-transit applications. Times-Protect (trademarked) RF Lightning Protection and Surge Protection.

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