NEOD, Inc.

Markham,  ON 
  • Booth: 652

NEOD Inc. welcomes you to SECO 2016. Visit us at booth 652!

NEOD Acuity for iPad mini with Retina display is the ideal tool for measuring Near Visual Acuity in your practice: it brings computerized versions of the "gold standard" acuity testing on this popular mobile platform in the clinical environment and it provides an efficient and reliable assessment of visual acuity for literate & illiterate people as well as preschool children. Near paper acuity charts are often only calibrated for sixteen inches but our patients have different working distances and we as practitioners often want to test at different near distances.  Now you can calibrate all your near acuity charts for any near test distance in any metric you desire.  Moreover, NEOD Acuity promotes the use of the more advanced techniques recommended by the National Eye Institute (NEI). Ideally NEOD Acuity should be used with our patented NEOD Phoropter Mount for iPad mini 4 with Retina display which can be ordered online or picked up at the show. As our mission is to standardize the accuracy of near acuity testing among optometrists throughout the world, visit us at booth 652 and you can join the many optomtetrists that already are using our technology. Visit us at booth 652 to take advantage of the show special.

Brands: Experience first hand the new phoropter mount for the iPad mini 4 with Retina display. All your near testing charts calibrated for any distance along the phoropter rod at the tip of your fingers.